Poly Ramp

Easy Loading for Spill Pallets

poly ramp The Poly Ramp is a great addition to any facility storing steel or poly drums. The ramps make loading/unloading drums on to spill pallets or decks much more efficient and, most importantly, safe. Constructed from 100% polyethylene this durable, non-skid, rust and corrosion resistant ramp holds up to 1,000 lbs.

Poly Ramp Features

  • 100% Polyethylene Construction
  • 10° Ramp Incline
  • Ribbed, Non-Skid Surface 1,000 lbs UDL
  • 12.5" Height

Compatible with

The Poly Ramp is the perfect solution for loading and unloading your 55-gallon drums onto pallets, decks, hardcovers, sumps, and other areas located above the ground. This poly ramp eliminates the need to lift drums and greatly increases the safety of the drums' contents as well as the workers in your facility. If the ramp's 12.5" height falls short of the level you're trying to reach, simply add on the optional ramp extender to raises the ramp up to 17" high. This All-Purpose Poly Ramp helps your facility and workers comply with EPA 40 CFR 264.175, SPCC, NPDES, and UFC regulations.

Product Specifications

Dimensions Weight Load Bearing Capacity UDL
68" L x 30.75" W x 12.5" H
172 cm x 78 cm x 32 cm
65 lbs. / 29.5 kg 1,000 lbs. / 454 kg

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