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Drum Containment and Storage

drum containment

Drum Storage & Containment

Vessels, Pallets, Basins and Drums

Drum Containment is a necessary requirement for any location handling the storage or dispensing of 55 gallon drums. Designed in models to accommodate one, two, or four drums, these containment vessels are able to safely store drums during their use. In the event of a leak or spill, containment vessels will catch and contain liquids to prevent further spreading. Please click on the links below for more information on each of these items.

Spill Pallets

One of the most common options for drum spill containment and spill control is the Spill Containment Pallet. Made from a high resistance polyethylene exterior, these pallets are equipped to handle the nature and demands of 55 gallon drums. In the event of a spill, hazardous liquids will be contained within the bottom sump area. Models are available for either two or four drums. View All Spill Pallets

spill containment palletsFeatures:

  • Fork Lift Entry Point
  • Models for both Two and Four Drums
  • Reliable Poly Construction
  • Removable Top Grates


  • Can be Moved by Fork Lift
  • Keeps Hazardous Materials from Damaging the Environment
  • Designed for In-Plant Use
Spill Containment Pallets
Part Number Size (L x W x H) Drum Capacity
SP1003HA-4 54 x 54 x 14 4
SP1006HA-2 55 x 28 x 17 2

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Containment Vessel

As an alternative to standard spill pallets, Containment Vessels are designed to completely house and protect stored drums. For easy access, each vessel features a hinged top cover that can be opened and closed as needed. Vessels are ideal for any area looking to store materials in an outdoor location.

security containment vesselFeatures:

  • Elastic Bottom
  • Large See-Through Pocket
  • Reliable Top Cover for Stored Drums
  • Poly Storage Material


  • Prevents Leaks and Storage Materials from Contaminating Stormwater Runoff
  • Pockets Protect Important Papers
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Security Containment Vessel
Part Number Size (W x L x H)
SP1001HA 32 x 56 x 45
SP1004HA 32 x 56 x45

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Drum Spill Basins

The Drum Spill Basin adds ease and efficiency to the storage of any drum or chemical storage tank. Designed with a built-in open top, these basins make it easy to store tanks for temporary or long term applications.

spill basinsFeatures:

  • Drum Basin:
    • Open Top
    • UV Stabilized
    • Complies with Federal Regulation 40CFR-264.193

  • Horizontal Containment Basin/Tray:
    • Stores Drum Horizontally
    • PE Grating
    • Dolly Included


  • Easy to Access Containment Area
  • Robust Outer Shell for Storing Liquids
  • Perfect for both Tanks and Drums
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Spill Basins
Part Number Size (dia x height) Capacity (gal)
TC6433OA 64 x 33 385
TC6646OA 66 x 46 675
TC8230OA 82 x 30 675
TC8638OA 86 x 38 (2) 950
TC6470OA 64 x 70 950
727266OA 72 x 72 x 66 rect. 1,150
969640OA 96 x 96 x 40 tapered 1,250
969644OA 96 x 96 x 44 tapered 1,415
848448OA 84 x 84 x 48 rect. 1,450
TC8660OA 86 x 60 (2) 1,500
848460OA 84 x 84 x 60 rect. 1,800
TC8681OA 86 x 81 (2) 2,000
969662OA 96 x 96 x 62 tapered 2,075
TC9585OA 95 x 85 2,450
TC9597OA 95 x 97 (2) 2,975
TC3701OA 102 x 109 3,700
TC4250OA 120 x 87 (2) 4,250
TC4650OA 120 x 97 (2) 4,650
TN5000OA 141 x 77 5,000
TC5700OA 120 x 117 (2) 5,700
TN6500OA 141 x 100 6,500
TC6800OA 120 x 150 (2) 6,800
TN7500OA 141 x 115 7,500
TN8750OA 141 x 135 8,750
(2) Comes with an Internal Flange

Horizontal Containment Basin
Part Number Size (W x L x H)
SP1010HA 28 x 52 x 14

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Single Drum Containment Vessel

The Single Drum Containment Vessel is a unique option designed specifically for storing a single 55 gallon drum. Unlike other standard containers, the drum containment vessel includes a build in shelf for easy storage and draining. All single drum containment vessels can hold up to 78 gallons of liquid.

containment vesselFeatures:

  • Contains a Basin for Draining
  • Made with a Shelf
  • Storage Capacity: 78 Gallons


  • Protects Environment from Spills when Pouring in Oil
  • Prevents Spills and Leaks from Contaminating Surrounding Area
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Single Drum Containment Vessel
Part Number Size (dia x height)
SP1007HA 26 x 34

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