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Use the Little Helios Drug Disposal | 55 Gallon Drum BurnerUSA Made

The Little Helios 55 gallon drum drug burners are not incinerators, but are rather, controlled burners. They are one solution for police station use and law enforcement agencies for drug disposal to consistently dispose of confiscated materials in an economical way. Designed exclusively for use by law enforcement officials, these portable units can be used for drug disposal and evidence destruction. These burners for police stations are constructed from a 55 gallon steel drum, and are portable due to their back wheels for easy transport. These portable drug incinerators are easy to use, though they do require continuous supervision and manually feeding, adjusting and reviewing the burn cycle. This unit can be operated with little training required, however. Easy operation makes this drug disposal burner perfect for in house drug and evidence disposal.

Read information on the differences between these burners and Drug Disposal Incineration Units for comparison.

Police Station Burner Specifications

38" D x 26.5" W x 45" H
55 gallon Stainless Steel Drum
Stainless Steel Lid with Powder Coated
Tubular Steel Frame, 2-Axial Blowers
Fuel Requirements
Wood or Charcoal
120 Volt Standard (220 Volt Optional)
Cord Retainer
Charcoal Chimney Starter
Portable GFCI Plug
Disposable Bags
Stocking Rod
PPE Gloves
How to use the incinerator
Who can use this incinerator
Product flyer
Larger options
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*Use of this incinerator is limited to law enforcement and government only. Check your regulations for compliance requirements/exemptions.

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55 Gallon Drum Drug Incinerator Benefits:

  • In House Drug Disposal
  • Portable
  • Easy to Use and Store
  • Quick and Effective Disposal
  • Fire Initiation by Wood or Charcoal
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How 55 Gallon Drum Portable Barrel Burners Work

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  1. Hopper: Easy Loading for Drugs and Confiscated Materials
  2. Lid Clamp: Secures the Lid to the Drum
  3. On/Off Button
  4. Barrel: Incineration Area
  5. Lid: Exhaust Location
  6. Hose: Connects the Back Blower to the Barrel
  7. Air Control: Adjust the Amount of Air Entering the Barrel
  8. Blower: Generates Air to Increase the Flame
  9. Cart: Transports Little Helios in and out of Storage

Give us a call at +1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.