Drug Disposal Incinerator for Nursing Home

Nursing Home Incinerator

small scale incineratorQuestion: Do you have a drug disposal incinerator for a nursing home? I am a pharmacist in Kentucky and thinking about starting a company to dispose of scheduled drugs at nursing homes. Due to regulations now, there is not a convenient way for them to dispose of the drugs. I would like to know more information of your drug disposal incinerators and how I can receive a quote.

Answer: Hello to you in Kentucky! Thank you for contacting us, we're happy to give you some more information on our Drug Disposal Incinerators. The small auto combustion incinerators are used extensively on military sites, relief operations, and at small hospitals and clinics for trash and waste disposal.

To learn more about this type of disposal, as you are starting a business, you can check out the Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources and Emission Guidelines for Existing Sources: Hospital /Medical/Infectious Waste Incinerators.

In general, however, these incinerators can and have been used for the disposal of drugs and other materials. When compared to other methods of disposal, the drug incinerator is used to effectively and safely dispose of materials. Drug incinerators can help develop a cost-effective plan for drug disposal in your location.

When not use, this portable incinerator can be rolled to a convenient storage location around your facility. This will keep the incinerator out of the way while it is not in operation. To receive pricing or a quote for our drug disposal incinerator for nursing home, please feel free to contact us through one of the following methods:

Our small scale incinerators are designed for ease of use and do not require any additional personnel in order to operate them. All that is typically required for operation is a voltage requirement and 25 gallons of diesel or #2 fuel oil. This allows products to be incinerated quickly and with no hassle. For more information, please check out our drug disposal page.

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