Dewatering Bags For Dredging Job

Reno, Nevada, in the Winter of 2008-09

by Mike Korioth, Nevada Golf Balls

dredging job with dewatering bagsTestimonial for a dredging job with Dewatering Bags: My company, Nevada Golf Balls, took over a dredging job for a golf course in Nevada in the winter of 2008-09. Their lake had a liner in for 15 years that was built up with leaves and grass. Tulips, very common in this area, also grew in the lake. The main problems were the odor and the aesthetic of the landscape. The golf course was very concerned about the project procedure, the increasing odor when we would pump out the water, and how the whole landscape overall would appear.

With Taurus Dewatering Bags, we could offer a great solution to our customer. With the pumps, we vacuumed the bottom of the lake, filling the sludge bags every day so we made it a perfect dredging job with dewatering bags. We were able to finish the job on time. Our job site looked clean, professional, and the odor didn't increase at all.

We just started this new business entity and it was our first job so it was very important for us to be successful. We searched for qualified technical support and products online. Mark Wilkie from Granite Environmental, Inc. (now GEI Works) was able to confirm our ideas and suggested the use of dewatering bags. What Mark’s solution was and what happened in reality on the job site was exact. Time was a big issue for us, and we were pleased to receive the dewatering bags on time before the project started. Overall, GEI Work's customer service satisfied us in every way. It was a pleasing experience.

Nevada Golf Balls, originally an online golf supply provider, opened up a new business entity and is now available for dredging jobs and to salvage golf balls from lakes. Nevada Golf Balls provides their service to golf courses, home owner associations, boat docks, and owners of small lakes. Service areas: Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington

Mike Korioth, Nevada Golf Balls, located in Reno, Nevada
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Comments to this Customer Q & A

Anonymous, Mar 4,2009
Reference: Great Feedback on Dewatering Bags

This is exactly what we need. This looks like a neat solution that we can use for our docks.

Allen, Nov 12, 2009
Reference: Effluent Pond

It seems great to have these DEWATERING BAGS. Does this work for an effluent pond? I mean for a palm oil mill effluent pond.

GEI, Nov 12, 2009
Reference: Dewatering Bag for Palm Oil Mill Effluent Pond

Hi Allen,

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your time and effort.

Regarding your question: Absolutely! Our dewatering bags work for a palm oil mill effluent pond, too, not only for a dredging job with dewatering bags. The bag fabric is polypropylene and oil ophylic. Depending on your project larger dewatering bags may be needed. But generally the bags are a great option. Hope this information helps. If you have further questions, please call us at +1-772-646-0597. We are here to help!

Your GEI Works team

Allen, Nov 12, 2009
Reference: Potential dewatering bag

Thank you for your reply. Appreciate your advice. We will contact your marketing team to discuss further. Thank you again, Allen.

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