Dredging Barge Silt Curtain

Dredging Barge Silt Curtain For Retention Pond

dredging barge silt curtianQuestion: regarding a dredging barge silt curtain. I have an unusual situation. We have a large grading site that drains to a retention pond. The pond has filled partially with erosion from the grading project due to large rains. We have an outlet structure for the retention pond. We are looking at reducing the silt (turbidity) that is leaving the pond through the outlet structure until we can clean out the sediment. Currently the outlet structure consists of an end of a pipe covered with clean stone and wrapped in fabric. There is also a wire into a concrete structure. Is there a silt curtain, such as the "dredging barge silt curtain" that will work? Does this still let water flow through the material or does it cut off the water flow?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! To answer your last question, no, the Silt Curtains do not typically come with ability to allow water to flow through the skirt. In general, curtains are designed to contain required materials and prevent them from spreading to further areas around your location.

We do offer specialty silt curtains that feature geotextiles that are installed periodically throughout the skirt. These geotextiles allow for water to filter through the skirt. Read more about our Turbidity Barriers.

Additional Product Considerations for Dredging a Barge

full dewatering bags in a fieldAfter looking over the type of filtering you are trying to achieve, there are a couple of different products you might also consider for this type of application.

The main product we would recommend are Taurus Dewatering Bags. This bag is made from a nonwoven geotextile fabric that is specifically designed for the filtering of water. Before you allow water to leave your retention pond, the entire pond could be dewatered. This would allow for a significant amount of silt and sediment to filter out of the pond prior, leaving clean water for disposal.

Dewatering bags can hold various amounts of sediment and silt depending on the size of your particular bag. These bags have commonly been used instead of or in addition to a dredging barge silt curtain.

Stormwater BMPs

pipe filter sockIf you are looking for a product similar to what you are already using, you might also consider the Filter Sock. This product connects to the end of discharge pipes to help filter out water as it is leaving the pipe.

This product may work, depending on much sediment needs to be retained. Filter socks use an X-tex material that can successfully filter oil, sediment, and silt.

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