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Dredge Dewatering Tubes

Hello. We are looking for some dredge dewatering tubes. We are planning to dredge a few ponds at our plant and we would like to use the geotextile tubes. What considerations do we need to take?dewatering tube

Hi there! The Dewatering Tube and occasionally the dewatering bag are frequent choices for dredging projects and are an excellent way to filter out materials that get turned up during a dredge. Anytime you are implementing a large dewatering project, there are several conditions you can take into consideration to help choose the best size and setup for your location.

Conditions you will want to consider during a dewatering process include the following:

  • What Type of Materials are Being Dredged?
    • If possible, it is helpful for know the breakup of your material such as percentages of sand, sediment, or clay.

  • What Location are you Dredging?
    • Pond, lake, lagoon, waste stream, etc.

  • What is the Natural Percent Solids in your Location?

  • What is the Target Percent Solids?

  • Where will you be using the Tube?
    • This may include available space (width, length) as well as the slope that may exist in your area.

  • What is the Pumping Rate?
    • This can be identified in gallons per minute.

  • Will you be using a Polymer?
    • During many dewatering projects, polymers are used to help increase performance times. If you are considering using a polymer, a polymer expert may be contacted to help analyze your project and design th best plan for your location.

The dewatering tube is a highly reliable dewatering product that has been effectively used in the dewatering of lakes, ponds, lagoons, streams, and more. Dewatering tubes are typically made from a woven geotextile filtering material that includes both polypropylene and polyester items. Individual specifications may vary depending on available space and the amount of sediment or material you are looking to dewater. These dredge dewatering tubes are often used as an economical alternative to traditional dewatering materials. Learn more

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