Drain Protection Products

Drain Guards and Catch Basin Filters

Drain protection is a critical part of any stormwater management or spill prevention plan. Whether you need to filter silt, sediment, oil, or heavy metals, we have drain protectors to meet your needs. Choose between catch basin filters, drain covers, and drain inlet protectors. These storm drain inlet protection products are also ideal for locations needing nonchemical help to control flying insect populations, such as mosquitos and sewer flies that breed in storm drains. Not sure which drain guards are best for your location?

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Taurus Filtration Products

We recommend Taurus filtration products for their long field life and overall cost savings.

Over Grate Filter
Over Grate Drain Filter
Under Grate Filter
Under Grate Drain Filter
Curb Inlet Filter
water trailer

Filters Inside a Catch Basin

Catch basin filters sit directly inside the catch basin to contain sediment and remove hydrocarbons.

Curb Insert Guard
Curb Insert Guard
Plastic Catch Basin
plastic catch basin insert
Catch Basin Filter
collapsible bladder water tanks

Surrounds, Covers, and Protects Drains

Drain covers are products that go directly on top of or around the top of a drain grate. Storm drain blockers can either filter water or temporarily seal off the drain.

Storm Drain Covers and Sealsstorm drain cover Filtering Drain Cover
filter drain cover
Storm Drain Grate Covers
grate guard

Basin Guard
basin guard

Gravel Bags
Gravel Bags

Coir Drain Cover
Coir Drain Cover

Protects Curbs and Inlets

Curb and inlet protectors are placed in front of curb drains and inlets to filter water as it flows into the drain.

Curb Drain Guard
Curb Drain Guard

Curb Gutter Log
Curb Gutter Log

Gutter Drain Guard
Gutter Drain Guard

Inlet Guard
Curb Inlet Guard

Combination Drain Guard
Combination Drain Guard

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Learn more about Drain Guards and Covers

taurus under grate filterTaurus Under Grate Filter
Catches sediment, trash, and debris before pollutants enter storm drain systems. Long term field life provides overall cost savings.

stormwater drain guardStormwater Drain Inserts
Often referred to as the witch's hat, catch basin filters are placed directly into drains to collect and filter out pollutants as they flow into a stormwater system. Available models include trash and debris, oil and debris, heavy metals, and more.

curb gutter guardGutter Guards
For curb, inlet, or gutters, contractors often go to drain guards that are easy to use and fast to install. Options include inlet inserts, gutter logs, and plastic curb guards.

filter drain coverDrain Protection Covers
For some locations, the only drain protection that is required are models that can quickly be placed on top of a drain grate. Drain grate covers will often include fabrics that can effectively continue water flows, while preventing unwanted sediment or debris from entering the drain.

storm drain coverDrain Seals
Sealing off the drain is an essential action for sites dealing with hydrocarbon spills. Drain seals are temporary blockers that attach quickly to the top of a drain to prevent anything from entering. Seals can be used on their own or in conjunction with spill response kits.

storm drain coversCombination Drains
Dealing with a combination drain? We also offer many options that are able to accommodate both the street and curb portion of the drain.

coir drain coverCoir Drain Covers
These natural biodegradable drain protectors provide significant cost savings and are low maintenance. Available for purchase on our GEI Works webstore.

If you have questions about any of our storm drain inlet protection products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597.

Drain Guards as a Drain Protection Best Management Practice (BMP)

Due to their ability to effectively contain and remove pollutants, drain guards are often implemented as Best Management Practices (BMP) in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP).

plastic catch basin insertItems Effectively Contained:

  • Trash
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Sediment
  • Debris

For more demanding locations or filtration requirements, drain protectors are also available for the filtration of any of the following:

  • Hydrocarbons
  • Heavy Metals

Many of these products help comply with:

  • NPDES 20 CFR 122.26 (1999)
  • TMDL (total mass daily load) Requirements

Drain protection comes in many sizes, styles, and forms to protect and filter runoffs. To view our completely variety of stormwater management and filtration products, check out our Stormwater Solutions.

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