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stormwater drain guardHello. I am looking for drain guard installation information. I have a drain guard that operates as a catch basin insert into the drain. I am not sure how I should install this bmp. Can you help?

Installing a Stormwater Drain guard that features what can be called a witch's hat design is fairly easy. This type of drain guard operates by forming a catch area within the drain that can absorb oil and collect sediment. The top of the drain guard will feature a wide square part that should lie flat on the ground underneath the grate for the drain.

To install this type of guard, the first step is to remove the grate and clear out the area. Since this bmp is basically secured through the grate, you will want to make sure that all sediment or dirt is clear from the cracks to ensure that your guard can remain firmly in place.

After the grate is removed, placed the guard into the drain and resecure the grate. Portions of the drain guard's upper part should be trapped or secured between the ground and grate.

These drain guards, on average, should last about three to six months (3-6 months) depending on the amount of sediment and oil that needs to be contained on your site. All drain guards to should be inspected frequently to ensure the best use.

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Reusable Drain Guards

If you are using a Plastic Catch Basin or Reusable Drain Guard (seen below) the steps for drain guard installation will be basically the same with the exception of the following:

reusable drain guardInstead of having only a flat upper guard, these drain guards additionally feature straps. When you install the guard into the drain, you will want to make sure that the straps are not trapped or secured into the drain. Upon initial installation, the straps should be well exposed along the sides of the drain. This is essential for proper drain guard removal.

Once the bmp is securely in place with the straps on the outside of the drain, these straps should then be covered up with surrounding dirt or sediment. This helps to prevent people, objects, or machinery from tripping or getting caught within the exposed handles.

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