Drain Grate Covers

Drain Cover Filters

drain grate coversDrain grate covers are an easy way to protect and filter stormwater as it flows into your storm drain. These drain covers are constructed from geotextile filter fabric to help remove oil and other hydrocarbons from stormwater flow, and to help maintain compliance with NDPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999). Each cover is designed to connect directly to the top of the grate, and is low-profie so that it doesn't interfere with traffic. As needed, the filter can be removed from the grate for cleaning or replacement.

  • Storm Drain Cover Benefits:

    • Filters Out Stormwater as it Enters the Drains
    • Easy to Install
    • Fits Directly Over the Top of Grates
    • No Grate Removal Necessary
    • Removes Unwanted Contaminants from Runoff
    • Helps Comply with Stormwater Regulations

For these and other options, check out our Stormwater Solutions BMPs page.

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Drain Grate Cover - Typical Specifications

Available in "Oil & Sediment" or "Oil & Sediment Plus" Modelsdiagram of storm drain cover filter with magnets

Drain Grate Filter Sizes
Available in either "Drain" or "Curb" Style - (Please specify which)
24" x 24" (610 x 610)
24" x 36" (610 x 915)
24" x 48" (610 x 1,220)

drain grate cover with optional overflow port Features:

Heavy Duty Non-Woven Polyester Spun Geotextile Fabric

Also available with overflow port (on request).

How it Works:

Drain Grate Covers are designed for ease of use and are constructed in a way that makes it easy to apply the guard to the top of the drain. To install the drain guard, simply place the frame within the top fabric, connect the frame and then place it on the drain. Unlike other models, these guards can be easily installed without having to remove the top grate.

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Another Over Grate Stormwater BMP Option:Stormwater BMP: Over Grate Filter

We recommend our patented Taurus Over Grate Filter, made with durable geotextile material, filters debris and keep drain systems clean . It is durable enough to last in the toughest conditions, and its low profile makes it street-sweeper friendly. This stormwater BMP is easily installed by one person, without having to lift or remove heavy drain grates. (U.S. Patent No. 10,053,383 B2)

storm water drain guardThe Drain Grate Cover is one of many options designed to help with the removal of sediment, silt and other materials from your runoff. In addition to this option that fits directly over the top of the grate, we also offer several other options including the following:

  • Catch Basin Grate Filters
  • Storm Drain Covers
  • Plastic Sediment Filters
  • Heavy Metal Removal Filters

For these and other options, check out our Stormwater BMPs.