Drain Covers and Storm Drain Blockers

Control Pollution with Storm Drain Products

Need to protect your stormwater system from contaminated runoff or flows? Our storm drain protectors and covers are one of the easiest ways to filter pollutants and seal off stormwater runoff systems. Offering a wide variety of models and styles, our drain covers help address hydrocarbons, oil spills, construction site runoff, sediment, and debris. Check out our variety below or give our team a call at 1-772-646-0597 to discuss our storm drain products.

Drain Filters

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Filter Drain and Grate Covers

storm drain coversFor a majority of construction sites and work areas, drain filter covers are the perfect solution. Designed as a filtration fabric, these drain protectors actively remove sediment, block debris, and prevent unwanted materials from flowing into a drain system. Standard fabrics used for these drain guards are X-Tex or a geotextile filter fabric.

Models include the following:

  • Combination Curb and Drain Guards: Includes a combination of fabrics to filter water and prevent unwanted materials from entering a system.

  • Over Grate Filters: Hook on top of grates for fast installation and easy adjustment of materials.

  • Grate Covers: Slide over grates to protect drains and filter materials as they flow into the system. Alternatives storm drain blockers include covers with a bottom pouch that can accommodate absorbents.

  • Drain Covers: Made from a reliable fabric, these guards connect to the top of the grate through magnets and feature an overflow port to prevent pooling.

Stormwater BMP: Taurus Over Grate Filter We recommend the Taurus Over Grate Drain Cover:

  • Our patented Taurus Over Grate Filter, made with durable geotextile material, filters debris and keep drain systems clean. It is durable enough to last in the toughest conditions, and its low profile makes it street-sweeper friendly. This stormwater BMP is easily installed by one person, without having to lift or remove heavy drain grates. (U.S. Patent No. 10,053,383 B2)

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Drain Seals

storm drain coverFor some locations, blocking off the drain requires a complete seal of the grate and drain system. For these areas, drain seals are a more reliable and fasting acting response. Drain seals use a polyurethane material that seals securely to the top of a drain and prevent oil, gas or other hydrocarbons from entering the system.

Models include the following:

  • Standard Drain Seals: The standard version of this product features a polyurethane exterior to secure directly to storm drains or streets.

  • Drain Seal Plus: The drain seal plus uses the same design, but includes both a top and bottom layer. The top layer is made from reinforced PVC while the bottom is made from non-absorbing urethane. This increases the seal's strength and durability during use.

BMPs and Compliance Products

Many of these products help comply with:

  • NPDES 20 CFR 122.26 (1999)
  • TMDL (total mass daily load) Requirements

Storm drain products come in many sizes, styles and forms to protect and filter runoffs. To view our completely variety of stormwater management and filtration products.

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