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flood sockCustomer Question: Is there a flood control absorbent sock? I was looking for a product that I could put down outside a building to act as a temporary flood control device (we have water from the walkways overflowing into the buildings).

Could a product like your absorbent socks work for that application?

GEI Works: Thank you for contacting GEI Works! Kraken absorbent socks could definitely work for this application.

Customer: OK. So your absorbent sock is not designed to float on the water (like typical oil collection devices)? My intent would be to place it around a doorway to prevent water from entering the building.

flood control absorbent sockGEI Works: We offer absorbent socks in universal absorbent models that are water absorbents, and other oil only models that do not absorb water. Universal Absorbents will take in water, but once it's soaked they will need to be wrung out. When they are soaked, they will not completely prevent water from entering the building.

Customer: I Understand. All I am trying to do is "slow" the water to give my mechanics more time to respond and fix the problem. Once the sock has absorbed the "max" amount of water, it would still act like a poor man's sand bag.

GEI Works: You got it! If you are just trying to "slow" the water down the universal water absorbent socks are a great solution.

Customer: One other question. Are absorbent socks reusable?

GEI Works: Yes! Kraken water absorbent spill socks can be wrung out and reused.

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