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Revegetation with Coir Logs

Coir Logs for Re-Vegetation Project

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Question about revegetation with coir logs. Need information on revegetation with coir logs. I am using coir logs for a re-vegetation project and was wondering if your company sells plants for the re-vegetation process. Please provide further information in regard to your variety of plants and their pricing. Thank you. Also, is there another material besides a coir log that has plants in it?


Answer: Thank you for asking. Unfortunately, Granite Environmental, now GEI Works, only sells biodegradable and 100% natural coir fiber products such as coir logs, coir wattles, coir blocks, or coir mats for erosion control and bioengineering only. We don't offer plants as part of our product variety.

One of the main reasons plants are not included with these materials is due to the fact that plants often work best when chosen based on native planting and materials in your area. Using a native plant has a much higher success rate for taking root, allowing plants to grow quickly and naturally.

Vegetation with Coir Materials

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Vegetation is easy to use with any of our coir materials. Coir product options include:

Each of these materials features a type of open weave design that allows seed to be inserted directly through the fabric into the soil. This allows the plants to grow through the open weave around and in the coir material.

In certain types of matting and coir fibers, small plants can also fit directly through the open weave. This allows plants to be installed through the materials and directly into the soil, allowing the growth process to be faster.

Coir material is ideal for stabilizing banks and surrounding soil, allowing plants and revegetation to occur.

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