FAQ - Revegetation with Coir Logs

Coir Logs for Re-Vegetation Project

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Question: I'm looking to do a project with coir logs and would like to consider revegetation. Does GEI Works sell plants for the re-vegetation process along with the coir logs available? Please provide further information in regard to GEI Works' variety of plants and their pricing. Thank you.


Answer: Thanks for contacting GEI Works with your revegetation project! Currently, GEI Works, offers biodegradable, 100% natural coir fiber products such as coir logs, wattles, and mats for erosion control and bioengineering only. We don't offer plants as part of our product variety.

One of the main reasons plants are not included with coir logs and other coir products is due to the fact that plants often work best when chosen based on native planting and materials in your area. GEI Works suggests using this method to select the best plant variety for the revegetation project location to keep from distrupting the existing ecosystem. Using a native plant has a much higher success rate for taking root, allowing plants to grow quickly and naturally.

Revegetation with Coir Materials

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After installing coir coconut fiber products from GEI Works, revegetation is easy. Coir fiber product options include:

Each of these products features an open-weave design that allows seed to be inserted directly through the fabric and into the soil. This allows the plants to grow through the open weave around and in the coir material. As the coir product biodegrades over time, the nutrients from the coconut fibers enhance the existing soil, encouraging deep root growth for any revegetation. This ensures that the site is strengthened and can continue to thrive long after the coir has broken down.

Some GEI Works coir products are designed so that even small plants and buds can fit directly through the open weave.

Coir coconut fiber products are ideal for stabilizing banks and surrounding soil, allowing for effective revegetation and erosion control.

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