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Oil Spill Clean Up Fabric

Do you Carry Oil Spill Cleanup Fabric?

20 gallon spill kit

Do you carry oil spill clean up fabric? I need something that clean up spills in my location. What options do you have?

Answer: Good Afternoon! Thank you for contacting us! We are happy to help with your requirements. GEI Works has a huge variety of Oil Spill Clean Up Fabric Products to help you throughout all the steps in your cleanup process.

Regarding fabric, if this is the type product you are specifically looking for, were offer a huge range of Absorbents for cleaning up spills in both land based and water based areas. These products include several different styles and shapes to meet various spill requirements. Including oil absorbents, chemcial absorbents, and universal absorbents.

Absorbent Products include the following:
absorbent fabrics

Absorbents used for these materials are typically made with certain properties that allow the fabric to absorb only oil and repel other liquids such as water. This is especially useful during a water-based spill application as the materials can mop the oil off the water without getting bogged down with too much water.

Additional Cleanup Materials

In addition to this oil spill cleanup fabric, we also offer several other materials to help with a cleanup process. This includes:

  • Skimmers
  • Oil Containment Booms
  • Spill Kits

Each of these materials has multiple styles within the category to meet different storage requirements. To view all of these products, please check out our Oil Spill Cleanup Page.

If you have any additional questions or if you would like to receive a quote, please contact our sales team at: +1-772-646-0597

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