Dewatering Tubes to Dredge

Dewatering Tubes for Dredging Aluminum Sludge

geotextile tubeQuestion on Dewatering Tubes to dredge aluminum sludge: I would like to get some pricing and additional information on dewatering tubes. We are dredging aluminum sludge for a water plant lagoon. The basins are about 500 ft. long and wide. How are these tubes filled?

Answer: Good Morning! Thank you for contacting us. We'd be happy to give you some more information on our dewatering tubes and how to receive pricing. The sludge and sediment dewatering tubes can be made in several configurations depending on the surface you have available. There a few factors which influence the overall performance, such as % of water content in the media, size of the particles, shrinkage when dry and soil composition.

We recommend our 4 X 6 Monofilament Geotextile Fabric for larger operation where 30’, 45’ or 60’ circumference is required. This has excellent UV and filtration properties and performs very well. We have found that using flocculent in combination with the dewatering tubes improve performance (solidification, filtering and discharge rates). Lengths start at 50' and go to 200'. We can custom manufacture a tube to meet your exact specifications, however, if you require this for your location.

Filling Information

Geotextile tubes are filled through ports located throughout the tube. Ports are typically spaced evenly along the tube. The amount of ports, as well as the spacing, will depend greatly on the size of your tube. Tubes may contain one, two, or three ports. These ports can be filled through hoses and pumps.

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