Dewatering Silt Filter

Dewatering Filter to be Hauled on a Flatbed

dewatering sockQuestion: I am looking for a dewatering silt filter other than a bag or tube. I have seen tanks in use that have disposable nonwoven geotextile fabric draped across them to filter sediment. They have inlets that allow for 2" to 6" pump hoses and they have an outlet with a valve to control discharge. We need something that can be hoisted with track excavator and can be hauled on a flatbed truck. We need 100 of them.

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dewatering filter bagAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! We would be happy to provide you with a dewatering filter that could serve the purpose you have described. As an overview we do offer dewatering bags for roll-off containers, or we can customer make a filtering bag/material in the quantities that you are requiring.

In general, all of our Dewatering Bags, Socks, and Tubes are build from a nonwoven geotextile material similar to the one that you have described. This material is needle punched to allow water to filter out, while sediment and silt are retained.

These filtering bags are often placed directly into containers such as dump trucks, roll of containers, and more. This can allow the bag full of sediment to be easily transported with contained materials. From this container, water can then be drained from the box.

Taurus Dewatering Filter Sock

pipe sock filtering waterDepending on how much silt you need to filter out, you might consider a Taurus Dewatering Filter Sock. It can be connected directly to an inlet or outlet to filter water as it flowing out of the drain. The filter sock is a convenient size and can filter smaller quanities of water and silt. These dewatering products are one of many in our collection of BMPs (Best Management Practices).

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