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Dewatering Project to Treat a River

dewatering bags are available in many sizesQuestion about a dewatering project to treat a river. We are working on a project to treat a river. The river is about 120 meter wide and 5.5 meter deep. The length of the channel which has to be treated is app 3 km. Our project is based on rapid oxidation and rapid flocculation of sediments using chemicals. We need an excellent filter to stop the sediments and allow them to settle down at the barrier and let clear and clean water to pass through.

I am looking for a product which has high permeability to allow app 200 million liters of water to percolate through without any rise in level and the product shall be able to stop all sediments and also non-clogging. The depth is 5.5 meter.



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So, do we have to cover the entire depth and the width to act as a filter?
Also, before we embark on this project, we may like to do a test with the barriers you recommend. Do you have these barriers? Can they be used with dewatering bags?


Thank you for contacting us! Depending on how you are planning to dewater the area, bags and barriers can be used. Dewatering bags and/or Geotextile Dewatering Tubes could work to dewatering and filter through your area, while barriers would help to control existing contaminants in the water during the dewatering project to treat a river.

Turbidity Barriers

In general, turbidity barriers are available in several different styles to help meet varying projects. While the standard design of this barrier uses an impermeable PVC material, permeable filter cloths may be added to the unit to provide a flow of water through the curtain.

Filter panels are usually placed all along the skirt and are made from a filtering geotextile material. This allows water to flow through the skirt, while still providing filtering to keep materials inside the containment area.

Standard sizes are 50'x'5' and 100'x5' but we can manufacture smaller length and skirt depth for your dewatering project to treat a river, if you require.

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