Dewatering Bags to Remove Sediment

How big of a bag is needed for Removal of 1000 cubic yards of Sediment?

dewatering tubeQuestion: I need dewatering bags to remove sediment. I need to talk about the these bags. Can you tell me how big a bag I would need if I was thinking of removing 1000cubic yards of sediment?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! When consider the correct sizing for your locations, there are several different factors we would need to know. As a general guideline, the largest dewatering bags to remove sediment that we offer is 15' x 25' and this offers a capacity of 15 cubic yards. Since you will require storage of significantly more sediment, you might want to consider the option of a dewatering tube.

By contrast, dewatering tubes can be as large as 200 feet in length, 45 feet in width and 90 feet in circumference. This is capable of holding a significantly larger amount of sediment and dewatering materials.

There are several factors here that need to be addressed before determining the best option for you location.

We have a questionnaire we can email to you that can help determine what size to use. Some questions this will ask includes:

  • Type of Sediment Being Contained
  • Percent of Solids in Situ
  • Goal Percent Solids
  • Polymers (will they be used, if so, how?)
  • Disposal Methods
  • Available Space

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Anonymous, Feb 11, 2011
Reference: Removing Fine Clay Particles from Water

I am interested in removing all clay particles for a dredged project. 15% clay in the water, most silt/sand already removed. I have a very high flow rate of 10-15k g/m. I have plenty of land, need way to get rid of clay and meet EPA turbidity test.

GEI Team, Feb 11, 2011
Reference: Removing Fine Clay Particles from Water

You expressed an interest in our dewatering bags to remove clay particles for a dredging project. We would be happy to assist you in this and find a solution for your application.

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We look forward to speaking with you to discuss your dredging project and specifications for dewatering bags to remove sediment!

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