Dewatering Bags to Handle Septage

Sludge & Septage Dewatering

full dewatering bags in a fieldQuestion: I need dewatering bags to handle septage. Residential quality septage. What is the dewatering bag capacity? Do you have the polymers to go with it? Are the bags woven or punched? What about cost. what I've seen so far is about 250.00 for 7.5x20. I need the type that will best for waste water.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We offer a couple of different options for dewatering of sludge and septage materials. In general, dewatering bags are typically made out of either an 8 ounce or 10 ounce fabric. These filter bags have been made out of a 6 ounce also, depending on the requirements of your location. Typically sludge will use the 8 ounce material. New dewatering bags to handle septage will allow about 65 gpm or less to filter through the bag. This may decrease as the bags begins to fill up with materials

Dewatering Bag Construction

Dewatering products offered by our company include items made out of both a nonwoven and woven material. Typically the dewatering bag is made from a nonwoven, needle punched geotextile. This type of fabric has small pores that allow for water to filter out of the bag, while still being able to retain sediment, silt, sand and other small materials.

dewatering tubeIf woven material is desired, we do also offer a dewatering tube. When compared to the filter bag, this product is significantly larger in size and is ideal for projects requiring the removal of sludge or septic Tubes can be made in lengths up to 200 feet and circumferences up to 90 feet. This wide range helps to meet various storage requirements as well as spacing options.

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