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Dewatering Bags for Mining Operations

dewatering tubesQuestion about your dewatering bags to dewater sludge. I'm interested in the dewatering bags. Our client is a mining company. They work to produce a slurry of 55% silt and water and carries that slurry for 23 km in a pipe.

At the end he wants to create a solid levee with a system that will let the water out and construct a wall with time with bags piling one over the other. The bigger the bag, the better.

The customer will operate during 15 years up to 7 meters high 200 hectare site. The dewatering bags to dewater sludge will be left a while in the sun and at the ends will be covered with earth What do you have to offer as a solution? We want the biggest dewatering bags you have.

We also want to know what happens if the bag is punctured when it is still full of water? How long does it take to empty all its water content? How do we fill the bag?

Answer: Thank you for asking. Due to the size that you require, you will probably want to use is the Dewatering Tubes rather than the dewatering bags. This tube, also known as a geotextile tube, is designed specifically for large or demanding dewatering projects. This has included sludge dewatering, lagoon projects, and work on mines.

The largest dewatering tube we typically offer will feature a circumference of 90 feet and a length of 200 feet.

When filled, this will create a height of about 12-13 feet. As you have requested, these bags can be stacked on top of each other for savings in space and filtering qualities.

If the bag is punctured while filled with water, it will leak. If it is filled with sand and has dried, the sand will stay. This fabric dewaters at 14 gallons per square foot per minute. The amount of time required to remove all your water will depend on the contents you are trying to filter out and the amount of water you are pumping into the bag. Polymers may be used to increase dewatering times.

Dewatering tubes can be filled through socks located periodically throughout the dewatering tube. These pipe socks are typically around 10 inches in size, providing plenty of room for placing your fill hose. The number of filling ports typically depends on the size of your bag. Tubes will usually include one, two, or three ports.

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