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regarding dewatering bags for coal slurry: I am looking for specs, price, and availability on dewatering bags for a coal slurry application. I need it to have a lay flat size of 100' X 20'.

Answer: Hello there! Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental. We offer two options for dewatering operations:

  1. Dewatering Bag for sediment, silt, and other small dewatering jobs
  2. Geotextile Sludge Tubes for dredging spoils, lagoon sludge and slurry and other locations.

There are a couple of differences that you will find between these two dewatering products. As a general overview, dewatering bags for coal slurry are designed in smaller sizes and are made from a non-woven geotextile filter material. These bags are commonly used on small sites to dewatering small ponds, construction site runoff, and other smaller areas.

Dewatering tubes, by contrast, are significantly larger in size and made from a woven geotextile material. These products are used for large dewatering jobs such as dewatering of large lagoons, large ponds, WTTP sludge removal, and other larger locations that need to be dewatered.

Choosing a Dewatering Product

Due to the size of the dewatering bag for coal slurry that you are requiring, the best option for your location would probably be the large Dewatering Tubes for coal slurry. This tube is significantly larger in size and can be used to filter out slurry for large projects and jobs.

When filling the dewatering tubes, these products can be filled until they are about 85 percent full. This allows the product to have a significant amount of time to consolidate prior to being removed from your site.

Sizing for these tubes can be anywhere from 50 to 200 feet in length and 15 to 90 feet in circumference. Depending on the amount of materials you need to contain, the available size you have in your location, and type of slurry needing to be processed, different materials may work better than others for your dewatering job.

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