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Taurus Dewatering Bag Sale

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This sale has ended on February 14, 2018. US Manufactured Taurus Dewatering bags filter water on a job site to remove sediment and other pollution or waste. With double-stitched, folded-over seams and high strength hose inlets, the Dewatering Bag, also known as a silt bag, is constructed of 8-ounce geotextile fabric to trap particles down to 177 microns (80 sieve). GEI Works stocks a variety of Taurus dewatering bags and socks - ready to ship. These bags and socks aid in the filtration of waterborne pollutants and help keep your job site compliant.

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Taurus Dewatering Bag Specifications(below)

8 oz. Dewatering Bags 
Filter Properties*: 90 gpm/ft2
SKU Sizes AOS Microns Est. Capacity per Bag**
402VK-0606A 6' x 6' 80 US Sieve 177 1.44 yds³
402VK-1015A 10' x 15' 80 US Sieve 177 6 yds³
402VK-1515A 15' x 15' 80 US Sieve 177 9.6 yds³
402VK-0606A 15' x 20' 80 US Sieve 177 12 yds³
402VK-1525A 15' x 25' 80 US Sieve 177 15 yds³

8 oz. Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric Spec Sheet

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Taurus dewatering bags in stock

*Filter Properties: Flow rates are based on fabric ratings at the time of manufacturing. During a dewateringprocess, times may slow depending on the sediment content of your water and bag size. Please contact our sales team to discuss pumping rates for the duration of your project.

**Capacity is estimated only and is intended as a guide to users. Volume per sediment filter bag is dependent on soil composition, site conditions, and use. Information is provided in good faith. Actual field trials are the only true bench mark for how your bag will perform.

Learn more about Dewatering Bags

Dewatering operations manage the discharge of pollutants when waters, other than stormwater or accumulated precipitation, must be removed from construction locations. Non-stormwater may include ground water, water from coffer dams, water diversions, dredging, water used for construction activities and more.

US Made Dewatering BagsSite Location and Sizing Conditions:

Know the different job site conditions that affect which style and size of dewatering bag is needed for your project.

Some conditions to consider:

  • Pump Flow Rate*dewatering filter bags
  • Quantity and Type of Sediment
  • Permittivity
  • Construction Site Environment
  • Size Limitations Due to "Lay-Down" Area
  • Containment Vehicles

*Our customer service team can assist you in determining the pumping rate for your project.

Please avoid using dewatering bags on slopes or steep areas for project site safety and monitor the dewatering bag during it's use.

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for this special deal on Taurus Dewatering Bags while supplies last!


Other Dewatering Bag Considerations

Dewatering Bag Installation: Taurus Dewatering Bags feature a hose inlet and can accommodate hoses or pipes sized from 2 to 4 inches in diameter. Attach the filter bags by inserting the hose or pipe into the inlet or a small incision in the fabric. Secure the fabric to the pipe with a clamp, zip tie, or similar.

While our dewatering bags are built for strength and durability, they can be damaged with improper use, especially if either the pump rate or the bag fill load is excessive. We recommend monitoring flow rates and the bag fill load level throughout the duration of the project. Please see our Dewatering Bag Installation Instructions for additional information.

Planning for Success: Direct the filtered discharge to the closest drain or stormwater runoff area. Consider using Coir in the discharge path as an affordable and easy way to prevent additional job-site erosion.

dewatering bag inletDo not pump from more than one pipe or hose per dewatering bag. The Taurus Dewatering Bags in this special are designed to accommodate one pipe source per bag. If you need dewatering bags that can accommodate additional ports and stronger input, we have other dewatering products and fabrics that will work for you. Call us with your specific requirements, and we'll work to find a solution with you.

Flow Rate: Improve flow rate significantly through the use of flocculents or polymers for clay and organic material during the pumping process. They also will improve water clarity and increase the percentage of solids collected. Remember that the dewatering process timing will vary according to sediment content of water and the bag size.Contact us more information about available flocculants and polymers for your project.

Other Filter Bag Options

Other Dewatering Bag Uses:breakwater tube

Call us at 1-772-646-0597 or request a quote
for this special deal on Taurus Dewatering Bags while supplies last!