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Digester Dewatering Bags Solutions

Question: Is there a dewatering bag for digester. We would like to empty the digester. I would like to know the size of a dewatering bag. What is the largest one you have? Also, how can we dispose of this bag? Can we dispose it on the landfill?

Answer: Greetings! Thank you for contacting GEI Works. I'm happy to help. Buy Online Now. A dewatering bag can come in a variety of sizes and two different fabric types. You can choose from 15' x 10, 15, 20, or 25'. The two fabrics are an 8 oz. or 10 oz. nonwoven geotextile. The 8 oz isdewatering bags finer and collects smaller particles. Our biggest standard size in the 25', but we can make a larger size if needed.

As for dewatering bag disposal, you can in fact drop it off at a landfill. The bags are biodegradable. The lifting is the hard part. After the water has been released, you will probably need to use machinery to lift the bag into a dumpster or truck for removal. We can offer a bag that form fits in a dumpster for easy disposal.

If you are particularly concerned about disposal, another option you could consider is placing the dewatering bag for digester directly into a dumpster, dump truck, or transportation container while it is in use. These containers, often equipped with drains, can store the dewatering bag while filter is in process. After the process has been completed, the filled bag and materials can be moved to proper disposal sites.

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