Decon Decks

Single Station Decontamination System

Decon Deck SystemOccasionally, companies need to deal with hazardous materials away from their facilities. In order to make sure their employees are safe, portable decontamination systems are necessary. Decon pools, hard or soft sided tubs of water used for cleansing, are often used. for chemical, biological, or radiological decontamination in the field.

However, decon decks are a great alternative to decon pools. Multiple rinses and washes can be performed on a single decontamination station, so numerous decon pools become unnecessary. Set-up time is greatly reduced, and workers aren't forced to stand in contaminants. Additionally, all components fit inside the decon deck itself, so transport and storage are quick and easy.

Three different models of decon deck are available, depending on the needs of the facility or job site. All slip-resistant decon decks are constructed from high-density polyethylene, making them impervious to rust, corrosion, and harsh chemicals. Each model also comes with at least 1 bladder attachment, spray wand, and hose. Other options, replacement parts, and accessories are also available.

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Tactical Decon Deck SystemTactical Decontamination System

The tactical decontamination station is the general alternative to decon pools used in response to any hazardous decontamination situations. The decontamination shower has a sump and 66 gallon bladder, which can act as an easier way to dispose of contents, giving a total capacity of 110 gallons. Decon equipment included with this system:

  • Decon Deck (Dimensions - 52" x 56 5/8" x 5 3/4")
  • Bladder Attachment
  • 12' x 16' Ground Tarp
  • Gross Rinse Shower Unit
  • Spray Wand (7 GPM Output)
  • Supply Hose

Non-Ambulatory Decon Deck SystemNon-Ambulatory Decontamination System

The non-ambulatory decontamination station is used in response to any on-the-ground decontamination situations when standing is not an option. The decon deck is elevated higher than the typical deck to keep contaminants separated from workers and patients. The deck and bladder have a combined capacity of 99 gallons. The following decon equipment is included:

  • Decon Deck (Dimensions - 82.5" x 27 7/8" x 5 3/4")
  • Bladder Attachment
  • 8' x 8' Ground Tarp
  • Spray Wand (7 GPM Output)
  • Supply Hose

Hospital Decon Deck SystemHospital Decontamination System

The hospital decontamination shower is an alternative to a containment pool used in response to any large capacity decontamination situations. Dual bladders give the hospital decon decks a liquid capacity of 176 gallons – nearly one hour of continuous use. Since the deck is designed to be used around a larger number of people, a privacy shelter is included in the basic hospital kit. All decon equipment includes:

  • Decon Deck (Dimensions - 52" x 61 1/4" x 5 3/4")
  • Two Bladder Attachments
  • 12' x 16' Ground Tarp
  • Gross Rinse Shower Unit
  • Spray Wand (7 GPM Output)
  • Privacy Shelter
  • Supply Hose

Decon Deck EquipmentAccessories for Decon Decks

There are a number of accessories and replacement parts available for all models of decon deck. All decon equipment pieces can be purchased separately.

  • Carrying Case - The optional carrying case allows for quick and easy transport of the entire kit. It is compatible with all available models.
  • Privacy Shelter - The privacy shelter is a tent-like structure meant to hide the patient for more privacy. It's put together with support hubs, bungee cords, and support rods. While standard with the hospital model, the privacy shelter is an option for both the tactical and non-ambulatory models as well.
  • Tarps - Replacement ground tarps are available for all models. The tactical and hospital models use the 12' x 16' tarp, while the non-ambulatory model uses the 8' x 8' tarp.
  • Bladder - Should a bladder become damaged during use or transport, replacement options can be purchased. All models use the same bladder.
  • Supply Hose - Additional supply hoses are also available should one become damaged or corroded. The hoses come in orange and white colors for the spray wand and gross rinse shower respectively.
  • Spray Wand - All decontamination system models use the same spray wand. A replacement wand can be purchased should the previous become lost or damaged.
  • Repair Putty - The decon deck repair putty seals leaks and cracks for most solid material. It is a durable, multi-use epoxy putty that hardens to a steel-like substance in less than one hour. Designed to be molded by hand to the affected surface, it's excellent for fixing pipes or cracks in the decon decks. The repair putty comes in a case of 12 sticks, so there will be plenty to use throughout a facility.

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