Debris Boom Specifications

Information and Details on Floating Debris Boom

debris boomQuestion regarding Debris Boom Specifications: I would like specifications on your floating boom. I need a total of 500 feet (5 units)of boom for pollution control in water, please.

Answer: Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental, now GEI Works. I'd be happy to tell you about our Floating Debris Boom. This boom is designed for standard containment of debris, trash, floating timbers, and more in your water location. Debris boom specifications include the following components:

  • Top Flotation Device
  • 22 ounce PVC Materials
  • Freeboard
  • Skirt (usually either 6" or 12" in depth)
  • Tension Cable
  • Ballast Chain
  • Section Lengths: 50 or 100 feet
  • Aluminum Universal Slide or ASTM Connectors

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View additional debris and trash boom specifications on this Debris Boom product page. Sections of these booms can be connected together to form required containment lengths to stretch across rivers and other areas in need of containment.

The debris boom is easy to deploy from the shore or small work boat where floating litter, aquatic plants and trash can be collected at the shore line. This material can be readily recovered by the storm water or public works departments. Removable Trash Baskets or Nets simplify this process.

We carry several sizes suitable for rivers, lakes and canals. This economical containment boom design is suitable to contain small timbers, styrofoam, litter and aquatic plants and is the work horse of our debris boom family.

Additional Debris Booms

debris boomDebris can obstruct normal water flows, reducing the discharge capacity of a channel and causing a rise in water level. This is especially troublesome in locations that are enclosed or hard to access like weirs gates, and other structures where the flow depth is restricted or surface flows are obstructed. In addition to the debris boom shown here, we also offer several additional booms including models for containing, ice, logs, timbers, aquatic plants, and jelly fish. Models are available in the following styles:

  • HDPE Model (includes HDPE section panels and orange floats)
  • Steel Trashmesh Model
  • Trash Net Boom (top flotation and bottom netting)
  • Ice Boom (sections of HDPE floats, shown right)
  • Permanent Boom

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We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.