Debris Boom for Trout Farm

Floating Boom Contain Fish and Marine Life

debris boom helps fish in waterQuestion: Regarding a debris boom for trout farm, I would like to find out more about your floating boom for debris, trash, or oil containment. We'd like to install one upstream of an irrigation head gate. It would be in a fairly swift-moving freestone river (lots of woody debris). Do you have a product for this application?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! I think the best product for this application would be our standard Floating Boom. As you mentioned, the floating booms for oil and debris containment are extremely similar in their design. Each model includes a top flotation device, short bottom skirt, and section connectors. Both models are created using extremely durable fabric to hold up for extended in water use.

The standard floating booms are a favorite for all kinds of floating debris control due to their reliable containment abilites. Marine life containment boom comes in several different models for different types of water conditions. If you need help, call our team with your site specific water conditions, and we can help determine which trout farm boom will be best for you.

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Debris Boom for Marine Life and Fish Containment

boom containing debris

When water contains pollutants or toxins, fish kills can happen, causing hundreds or thousands of dead fish to float to the surface. When fish kills happen in water bodies, standard debris boom can be used to contain the dead fish, while not disturbing the ecosystesms below the surface.

Fish kills are sometimes caused by green algae blooms, or brown tide occurances. Debris boom can not only serve as a fish kill barrier, but can also be an algae barrier for redtides and brown tides. Fish barriers are available in several modes. See our containment boom barrier debris sizes and types.

This marine life containment boom can be either a permanent or temporary measure for pollution control, containment and recovery of floating trash, debris, timber, urban waste or aquatic plants. Speaking directly with a member of our tech team will give you the opportunity to ask questions and provide valuable details to assure you get the perfect product for your application. Give us a call!

Do you have more questions? See our Boom FAQs.

Give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.