Debris Boom for Golf Course

Golf Ball Containment Barrier

debris boom for golf courseQuestion: I need a debris boom for golf course use. I require about 1400 feet of debris boom to stop floating golf balls. Can a debris boom be used for this application? Is there a specific size or model I should use for this type of containment?

Answer: Hey there! Yes, a Floating Debris Boom is a great option to contain floating golf balls. We recommend our Orion debris boom for golf courses. Designed as an impermeable floating barrier, these booms are equipped to go around shorelines or lake areas to stop and contain golf balls to a specific location.

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Floating Debris Boom Design

The design of the floating debris boom features a robust design that is equipped to handle various water conditions and containment requirements. Made from a combination of marine-grade materials, these booms have several components that allow the boom to hold up in ponds, lakes, rivers, and various other water locations. Components include:

  • Impermeable Fabrics
  • Top Flotation Device
  • Short Bottom Skirt
  • Bottom Ballast Chain
  • Marine Grade Section Connectors

Depending on the specifications of your location, different fabrics may work better than others at controlling floating items in your location.

Debris Boom Deployment Methods

ice and debris boomsSince you are looking for something that is able to contain and collect golf balls, one way you could consider deploying the boom is as follows:

Deployment off the Shore: In order to easily collect and contain golf balls, one of the simplest deployment methods is to set up the boom directly off the shore line. This will allow golf balls that have been hit to be contained off the shore of the pond. Depending on how close the barrier is installed to the shore, these balls will then be able to float to the shore of the pond for easy collection and retrieval.

Our debris boom for golf course applications will typically feature both a top flotation device and a short skirt. This will allow booms to collect balls floating on the surface of the water as well as catch some initial balls that may have entered beneath the surface.

Please check out the all of our Debris Boom for more options and information on debris booms and how they can work for your application.

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