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debris boomQuestion regarding a debris boom around intake screen. We have a need for a debris boom to keep leaves, sticks, limbs from getting into our intake screen from the river. The main problem is during the fall time of the year, and during the rainy spring time. I think we need about 300' with about 5 to 7' for curtain with a heavy hold down chain.

The water goes from about 2 mph to about 15 on high water flow. The level goes from 594' elevation (about 4' deep) to 620' at flood stage. Lots of trash comes down with back wash that causes material to drift into our screens. We have a 12" poly floating log that does not do much for the material coming under it. What are your thoughts?

Answer: Greetings! Thank you for contacting GEI Works. I agree that a Debris Boom would be best for this particular application.

Orion Floating BoomAs a comparison to your existing poly log, this debris boom will typically contain a small skirt (usually either six or twelve inches in depth) that can help with containment underneath the surface of the water. If you think that a longer skirt is necessary, we can accomodate any depth for the debris boom around your intake screen.

We carry severaldebris boom for around intake screens and Floating Debris Boom Sizes IN STOCK suitable for rivers, lakes and canals. This economical containment boom design is suitable to contain small timbers, styrofoam, litter and aquatic plants and is the work horse of our debris boom family.

Floating debris boom sizes vary depending on the site conditions and also the type of water pollution (aquatic plants, plastic bags, Styrofoam, etc) being experienced. Boom that is suitable for use in controlling most lake pollution can normally not be used for river pollution control due to the hydraulic loading on the barriers.

Debris booms have many applications in traditional hydroelectric generation, including protecting surface- mounted hydrokinetic devices and intake screens. Additionally, products like removable trash baskets, nets, and vacuums can all be used to clean up materials contained by a boom or barrier. They can be easily recovered by the storm water or public works departments to keep your intake screen free from debris.

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