Spill And Containment Berms

Custom Size Spill Containment Berms

Question regarding spill and containment berms: Do you make custom size spill berms? I need a 12' x 50' air wall spill berm. 40 oz is required for the berm fabric.ox berm The spill berms would be a drive on for our fracking and fracturing equipment and should hold water, fuel, oil and chemicals. Do you manufacture the berms with foam edges? I am looking at around 40 units. Most of our units are the same size, and we have some smaller containment that we are currently using.

Thank you for contacting us! Yes, we do offer several different Secondary Spill and Containment Berms that can help you with the containment of your fracking and fracturing equipment. Since you have mentioned that you aluminum angle berms are looking specifically for something that can be driven on, we would recommend that you stay away from an air wall unit.

We do, however, offer a couple of additional options you could consider for drive through products including the following:

  • Aluminum Angle Berms: Our strongest containment berm is the aluminum angle model. This berm features aluminum angle brackets that are placed into the sides of the berm to form a rigid outer structure. One side of the berm can be removed to allow vehicles to drive onto the unit.

  • Foam Wall Berms: The foam wall berms are often used for areas looking to frequently drive materials onto and off of the berm. Foam walls are designed to bounce back after being driven over.

  • Drive Thru Berms: Drive through berms can have foam ends with either air walls or aluminum angle bracket side walls. You can consider a combination foam and air wall berms. These berms feature air walls along the sides and foam walls at the two end points for vehicles to drive through. However, air pocket sidewalls that have a puncture must be patched to work - where other options are easier to maintain and manage.

The aluminum angle berms are a favorite for storage in fracking locations as they can be packed down into a smaller containment size.

In case you consider multiple units to accommodate a number of 12" wide vehicles, operators we know use setups for 1, 5, 10 so that they can have various setups.

When asking for spill and containment berms, please specify the exact materials you are looking to contain (such as frac water, what type of fuel, what type of oil etc.) All of our berms contain a liner that is used for containment of liquid. Knowing what you need to contain allows to make sure the material used is compatible with your liquid.

If you have any additional questions regarding spill and containment berms, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at