Curb Drain Guard

Filtration System for High Flow Volumes

curb drain guardCurb Drain Gutter Guards are the perfect way to filter stormwater runoff as it enters a drain system. Lined with a layer of filter fabric, these drain guards cover the entire curb to block sediment, silt, and other pollutants from entering the system. Due to their strength and design, these inlet protectors are commonly used in areas with high flows or high volumes of traffic.


  • Replaceable Filter Fabric
  • Rigid 3' Outer Frame
  • Low Profile
  • Tie-Back Straps
  • Counterweight Section and Weight for Securing to Drains


  • curb drain guardEasy to Clean
  • Equipped for High Flow Areas
  • Reusable
  • Remains in Place
  • Stays Upright at all Times
  • Easy to Install
  • Effectively Prevents Pollutants from Entering the Drain

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Curb Gutter Guard Specifications

Dimensions Weight
6' L x 6" H
(1,829 mm x 152 mm)
10 lbs. (4.5 kg)
9' L x 6" H
(2,743 mm x 152 mm)
13 lbs. (6 kg)
12' L x 6" H
(3,658 mm x 152 mm)
16 lbs. (7 kg)
15' L x 6" H
(4,572 mm x 152 mm)
20 lbs. (9 kg)
Counterweight Dimensions:
14" L x 1 1/2" dia. (356 mm x 38 mm dia.)
7 lbs. (3 kg)

How Does This Product Keep You in Compliance?

  • Helps Address Stormwater Runoff Pollution
  • Prevents Sediment, Silt, and Trash from Entering Systems
  • Helps Sites Comply with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL Requirements
  • SWPPP Solution
  • Stormwater BMP

Drain Guards and SWPPPs

stormwater drain guardWhen developing a SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan), curb drain guards or inlet guards are often a required part of this process to help make sure your site stays in compliance with local and federal regulations. View more information on other Stormwater Solutions.

Regardless of what stormwater drain guard you are using, it is always important to make sure that your BMPs are being checked on a regular schedule as well as after each rain event. This helps to make sure your guard are working effectively at all times.

Additional Stormwater BMP Options

In additional to the curb drain guards featured here, we also offer several filtration products for curbs, combination drains, and street level storm drains. Some of our many products include:

For more information, check out our complete BMP Variety.

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