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Spill Berms for Secondary Containment

drive through containment bermsWhen looking for a spill containment berm, many customers are looking for something that will allow them to drive or move machinery, vehicles, and equipment directly onto the containment berm. Included in our complete berm variety are many options that provide drive through capabilities either by adjusting the berm wall or directly moving equipment over the berm.

Foam Wall Berms

One of the most frequently used berms for vehicles, frac tanks, and other drive through applications is the Foam Wall Containment Berm. Constructed with foam walls on all sides of the berm, these liners allow for items to be moved over top of the foam walls. As they are being driven over, foam will indent slightly and then pop back up to form the desired containment area.

foam wall containment bermsFeatures

  • PVC, LLDPE, XR-5 or Polyurethane Liner
  • Foam Walls
    (Drive Through Capable)
  • Wall height: 4", 6" or 8"
  • Length: 10-12 ft.
  • Width: 20-75 ft.

Aluminum Angle Spill Berms

For items that will only be temporarily driven over, we also offer an Aluminum Angle Spill Berm that can be lowered as needed to allow for items to be moved directly onto the berm. Aluminum angle berms are perfect for applications where high capacities or high strength containment is required.

Features: containment berm

  • Aluminum Angle Bracket Walls
  • PVC, LLDPE, XR-5, or Polyurethane Liner
  • 1 ft. Standard Wall Height (Higher Options Available on Request)
  • Length: 8-15 ft.
  • Width: 8-66 ft.

Both of these containment berms have been frequently implemented in a wide range of containment activities. Their drive through ability makes them ideal from some of the following uses:

  • Containment for Cars and Trucks during Repair
  • Spill support for Industrial Equipment
  • Fuel Containment for Tankers
  • Secondary Containment for Oil and Chemical Drums
  • Secondary Spill Containment for Chemical Tanks
  • Decontamination of Materials after Spill Cleanup
  • Emergency Response to Land-Based Spills

For more information regarding our spill containment products, please feel free to check out out Secondary Spill Containment Variety.

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