Containment Basins

Spill Containment Products

Containment basins are economical and easy to use spill containment products that help keep your site safe and ox containment basinin compliance with state and federal environmental regulations. Whether you need spill trays, spill berms, drum basins, or spill kits, there are several secondary spill containment products to meet your needs. Here are five considerations to help you decide which containment basin is right for your needs.

  • What is the intended liquid storage?
  • What size spill basin do you need?
  • Where will you use the containment basin?
  • Do you have an inspection protocol?
  • Do you have a spill cleanup plan?
  • Containment Basins for Hazardous Liquid Storage

    Before anything, you must consider the type of material that will be contained. Is the material hazardous or corrosive? Be sure the spill basin is designed to contain your intended liquid storage. The type of material you store also impacts compliance requirements. For example, state and federal regulations are very specific for the storage of hazardous waste. GEI Works has a variety of flexible and rigid spill containment products to store and contain hazardous liquids to help you meet compliance. Contact a product specialist for more information at 772-646-0597.


    Spill Containment Basin Sizes

    What amount of liquid do you need to store? If you need to store one 55 gallon drum then you will want to drum containment spill containment pallets have single drum containment, however, one of the most common options for spill control is a spill pallet for two or four drums. In the event of a spill, these spill containment products contain hazardous liquids and have easily removable top grates. Depending on what you are storing, there may be strict requirements for your basin size. For example, if you are storing hazardous waste then federal EPA regulations require the basin to contain 10 percent of total volume or 100 percent of the largest container, whichever is greater. State regulations may be beyond this (110% requirements are common).You should always thoroughly review applicable laws when storing new materials.

    Containment Basin Uses

    Containment basins can be used in a variety of applications, such as decontamination efforts, spill response, secondary containment under machinery, car washes, and spill pallets under 55 gallon drums. Depending on your application and requirements, you may need to put measures into place to prevent debris, rain, and snow from entering your containment basin. Rainwater also reduces the amount of material the containment berm can contain. If this will be your application, then you should consider a larger containment basin or use a cover for the system.

    Containment Basin Inspection

    Containment basins can weaken, corrode, chip, and crack. You should schedule periodic checks of this equipment. Weekly inspections are a good starting point. Once again, depending on what you are storing, federal and state regulations will also dictate how often these checks must be done and logged. There are many varieties of containment basins made to withstand a variety of liquids and exterior conditions, so it is important you select the correct
    secondary containment product to meet your needs. Contact a product specialist for more information at

    Additional Containment and Spill Cleanup

    Containment basins are used for secondary containment, however it is important to have spill cleanup containment spill kitprocedures in place. Create a plan to know who will be responsible, when, and how the cleanup will be done. Additional spill containment products on hand and policies in place ensure compliance. Such additional spill containment products include: containment berms, drain covers, and absorbents. You could also purchase a complete containment spill kit or truck spill kit that has everything you need on hand. If you plan ahead, spill prevention and containment products are great for compliance and peace of mind. To find the right spill containment product for you, contact a specialist at