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Construction Site Perimeter Fencing

High-Visibility Orange Safety Barriers

construction fencing
Orange construction fencing is the perfect way to contain materials, protect locations, and keep a high level of visibility around areas with large amounts of debris.

Widely used for safety, containment, and control, these barriers are a great solution for any area where high visibility is required. Standard fencing features an orange exterior and is available in either a plastic or woven orange diamond model.

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Construction Fencing Specifications

Fencing Type Sizing Stakes
Orange Plastic
Safety Fence
4 ft. x 100 ft.
5 ft Metal T-Post
5 ft. Hard Wood Stakes
Orange Woven
Barrier Fence
4 ft. x 100 ft.
4 ft. x 300 ft.
4 ft. x 100 ft.
Pre Attached 5 ft. Hard Wood Stakes
Orange Diamond
Safety Fence
4 ft. x 100 ft.

Construction Fencing Safety Design

orange safety barrierThe safety barrier can be pre-fabricated and designed in several different styles to meet the needs and demands of your location. Standard design of these barriers will feature a mesh, orange weave design that can be installed quickly with either metal or hard wood stakes. Options for the fence can include any of the following:

  • Plastic Orange Construction Fence: Plastic orange barrier fencing is one of the most frequently used products by contractors. This construction is the standard for orange barriers.

  • Woven Barrier: As an alternative to the standard plastic model, we also offer a woven mesh fencing. This economical barrier offers similar support, but with decreased overall costs.

  • Diamond Safety Fence: For heavy-duty operations, we also offer a high strength diamond safety fence that features similar weave openings, but increased strength for demanding applications.

Construction Fencing Additional Options

silt fenceIn addition to the orange fencing featured here, we also offer several additional silt and sediment barriers to help control erosion and contain silt and sediment. These include a 50 gram, 70 gram, and 100 gram model for silt and sediment control. Strength is standard or economy grade with wire back options also available.

For more information regarding fencing options, please check out our Silt and Construction Fencing Variety.

If you have questions about any of our products, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.