Construction Mats for Mud Trackout

Solve Mud Trackout Problems with a Mud Rumbler

Construction Mats capture sediment trackoutConstruction mats for mud trackout are a practical and economical solution for preventing mud, sediment, and stone trackout from your construction site. Use these rugged ground protection mud mats to stabilize the construction site exit for use by heavy equipment and truck traffic. The vibrations from the rumblers also shake sediment loose from the tires, keeping it on the site and out of the roadway. Use Mud Rumbler also as ground protection mats, for preventing rutting, or getting stuck when driving over muddy or swampy ground.

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Mud Trackout Control Mat Solutions

The Problem: Exposed dirt, debris, and stone stick to tires, and even to the undercarriage of trucks, forklifts, heavy equipment, and other vehicles. It then is tracked out (carried out) of the construction site and onto the roadways. This creates a number of compliance* issues, such as creating safety hazzards for vehicles, increasing the need for additional street maintenance, and washing into storm drains and polluting waterways.

*Many governmental agencies (local, county, state and federal) require sediment trackout control for exits from construction sites with exposed soil, or where material is being hauled in or off the site.

mud mats for constructionThe Economical Trackout Solution: Ox Mud Rumbler construction mats are a perfect BMP solution for areas where soil is exposed to vehicle access. Avoid fines from non-compliance by including them as part of your SWPPP. Use these mud mats at construction sites for:

  • Construction site exits and entrances
  • Driving over muddy or wet ground
  • Ground protection of sensitive areas
  • Protecting turf from temporary traffic

Mud Construction Trackout Control Mats Benefits

  • Low-cost alternative
  • Lightweight and compact for transportation
  • Easy set-up (delivered ready-to-deploy)
  • Reusable
  • Expandable (join additional mats together for longer or wider coverage areas.)
  • Mud Rumbler comes in 15 foot by 8 foot units (15' x 8')

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Mud Trackout Control Mat Product Details

ground mud mat for heavy equipmentOx construction mud mats are manufactured from pervious geotextile fabric, and reinforced webbing anchor points (stakes not included). Alternating pockets encase 2x4 boards, providing vibration actuation that helps to loosen debris from tires. The mud control mats can be joined together in-field to make longer runs of coverage, or to accommodate dual-lane traffic flow from the construction site.

For additional detail (and drawing), please see our
Mud Rumbler Specifications.

Mud Trackout Construction Mats Maintenance Steps

1) Brush off sediment and debris with a stiff poly broom.

2) Check staking.
ground protection mud mats
3) Check for any deterioration of the construction mud mats. The rumble boards can be replaced, as needed.

4) Check to see if mat and rumblers have sunken into the ground. The mud construction mat may need to be lifted and slightly relocated to keep the rumblers above the plane of the construction exit pad.

Please note: No solution for trackout will be 100% effective. Performing regular maintenance of the Mud Rumbler Mat BMP will help ensure product effectiveness and lengthen the life of the mud mat.

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