Bulk Bags for Construction Sites

Heavy Duty Bulk Bags Made in the USA

Working on a Construction SiteGEI Works offers heavy duty bulk bags that can be used throughout a job site in a number of ways. Whether dealing with erosion control or redirecting flood waters, construction sites need to keep their areas within local and federal regulations, such as NPDES, SPCC, and TMDL. As a woven polypropylene bags supplier, our bulk bags can handle the job.

Our bulk bags come in different models and sizes, depending on the use. Capacities range from 2,200 lbs. to 4,000 lbs. Both coated and uncoated models have various construction types, including U-panel, 4-panel, and circular. All bulk bags have corner or cross-corner lift loops for easy transportation by pallet jack or forklift. They are even multiple color options available for easy visibility on a construction site.

For additional information and specifications about heavy duty bulk bags, visit the FIBC Bulk Bags page.

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Large Construction Sandbags

Construction SandbagsLarge 1 ton sandbags can be used throughout a construction site in numerous ways. When controlling stormwater runoff, large construction sandbags can be filled to full or half-capacity and placed around any problem drains and inlets. Filled bags can also form a trench to direct water wherever necessary. Bulk sandbags can also be used as a perimeter to keep animals and bystanders from trespassing.

Bulk Bags for Erosion Control

Erosion control is always a concern on construction sites, particularly when building near or around water. Depending on the longevity and level of filtration needed, construction bags can be filled with dirt, gravel, or larger rip rap rocks. The bulk bags can then be placed on slopes, around ponds, or line waterways to help support the shoreline.

Read more about making an Earth Bag Wall.

Construction Bags as a Flood Barrier

Wall of Bulk BagsIn areas prone to heavy rains or floods, keeping construction sites safe and stable can be tricky. Flood protection products are necessary to keep projects on time and on budget. Our 1 ton sandbags can be used to create a flood barrier around at-risk areas of the job or surround the site as a whole. For a more long term or permanent solution, bulks bags filled with cement can stop flood waters from overtaking the area.

Visit the Flood Barrier and Emergency Supplies pages for more information.

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