School Project on Prevention of Oil Spills

Oil Spill School Project

Question regarding a school project on prevention of oil spills: My daughter is in high school and is interested in completing a science project on the prevention of oil spills and what type of material is required to absorb oil spills if it would occur. Can you help in terms of providing some helpful guidelines for research in this area? We would greatly appreciate it.

Answer: Yes, we would be happy to help with a school project regarding these kinds of cleanup materials. Typically for the absorption of oil, the products you can consider using are some of our cleanup absorbents. As a quick overview, please check out the various absorbents we offer and how they can be used:

  • absorbent boomsAbsorbent Booms: The absorbent boom is placed around small land or water based spills to contain and absorb oil. These booms are probably our largest absorbent product and can contain a significant amount of oil.

  • Absorbent Socks: Slightly smaller in size than the booms, the absorbent socks are another favorite for spill containment and cleanup. They are often placed around equipment to contain a spill.

  • Absorbent Pads/Wipes: These pads and wipes are used for small spill cleanup.

  • Oil Absorbing Rolls: Rolls are designed to offer both small and large cleanup materials. These rolls are made in long stretches to line transportation routes. They may also be perforated to tear off for smaller cleanup jobs.

Update 1 regarding the school project on prevention of oil spills:

School Project on Prevention of Oil Spills
by GEI Works team

It was our pleasure to provide product samples and technical specifications for the school science project "The prevention of oil spills." Read more about the school project about prevention of oil spills.

Update 2 regarding the school project on prevention of oil spills:

Congratulations To Mikayla And Mallory, The Silver Winner In The Quebec Regional Science Competition
by GEI Works team

Mikayla and Mallory contacted us at the end of last year asking for help with their science fair school project "Soak It Up." We happily sent absorbent spill kit samples and product fliers to the two young students. Mikayla and Mallory did a great job and won Gold. The science fair was organized by the science department of the Queen of Angels Academy in Quebec, Canada. Following this great success, both students had the chance to participate in the Quebec Regional Science Competition where they won Silver.

Congratulations, Mikayla and Mallory! You are awesome. Well done!

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