Commercial Grade Silt Fence

Silt Fence For Government Project

silt fenceQuestion regarding a commercial grade silt fence: I was wondering if you could provide me information on this silt fence for a potential government project in West Virgina. It is still a ROM, so we do not have a total footage. I was looking for a unit price per linear foot, if you have it available.

Answer: Silt control fences are normally manufactured from woven geotextile filter fabric attached to wooden stakes spaced at regular intervals along the site perimeter.

The filter fabric should be entrenched in the ground between the support stakes. When installed correctly and inspected frequently, these fences can be an economical effective barrier to sediment leaving the site.

Below you will find the standard specifications that must be met by all silt fence products in order for them to be used on a location. These will include:

  • Filtering Efficiency of 75 - 85% (minimum), which is highly dependent on local conditions
  • Tensile Strength at 20% (maximum)
  • Standard Strength of 30 lbs./linear inch (minimum)
  • Ultraviolet Radiation allowance of 90% (minimum)
  • Slurry Flow Rate should be 0.3 gal/ft2/min (minimum)

The silt control fence is typically packaged in rolls that are either 100, 300, or 750 feet in length and 2 or 3 feet in width. Since you do not know the total amount of footage you are looking to cover, we would be happy to quote you by roll or linear feet. Please provide your contact information and our sales team will contact you directly regarding this quote.

The silt fence commercial grade is common choice for any construction project. They have been used on construction sites, on the side of roads during road work, and even along rivers during marine construction.
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If you have any additional questions on the commercial grade silt fence, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at +1-772-646-0597.