Coir Matting

Erosion Control Matting for Hillside and Bank Stabilization

coir mattingQuestion: I am looking for coir matting that can go along my hillside near a streambank. I am mostly trying to stabilize the ground, although some vegetation may be planted along the area. What type of coconut fiber matting is available for these sites? Will I be able to plant vegetation directly through the mat? How is it installed?

Answer: For erosion control along hillsides, the coir erosion control mat can be an excellent choice. Made from an all-natural coconut coir fiber, these mats are designed to help with hill and bank stabilization efforts and have different levels to accommodate even, medium-level, or steep slopes.

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Coir Matting Design

hillside and bank stabilizationThe design of a Coconut Coir Matting includes several components that help to simultaneously stabilize the area and allow for vegetation to take root. In order to achieve this, coir erosion control matting contains the following components:

  • Coir Twine
  • Open Weave Coconut Fibers

As opposed to other coir fibers, the coir twine material is high in strength and well equipped for stabilization of soil, hillsides and other water flow locations. Coir twine is woven together to form increased strength. The smaller the weave opening/tighter the weave, the higher the mat will be in strength. Typical coir matting options will include options for the following locations:

  • Slopes up to 3:1
  • Slopes up to 2:1
  • Slopes up to 1:1

The highest strength coir erosion control mats will typically be able to flow rates up to 17 fps.

Erosion Control Mats, Vegetation, and Wildlife

installed coir mattingCoir erosion control materials mats are constructed from a 100% natural coir fiber that is safe for wildlife and will naturally biodegrade over a period of 4 to 6 years. This provides an easy-to-install matting that does not need to be removed after use in your location. Coir material is derived directly from the husks of coconut and is also environmentally safe for surrounding wildlife.

Planting Vegetation

Due to the open weave design of these coir materials, vegetation can be installed directly through the weave openings. Vegetation may include seeds or full plants, depending on your requirements. For more information, check out our Coir Erosion Control Products.

If you have questions about hillside or bank stabilization, give us a call at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.