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Coir Mat for Erosion Control

Coir Mat 70 | Coir Erosion Control Mat

GEI Works (formerly Granite Environmental) offers coconut coir mats that are high in strength and feature 100 percent coir mat for erosion controlbiodegradable materials to help enrich the surrounding areas. Coir mats are made of coconut fibers and other biodegradable components. The coir mat 70 is one of our strongest options and can be used in locations with slopes up to 1:1.

Coir Mat Specifications

Roll Sizes

6.5' W x 165' L

Bristle Coir Fiber
780 g/m2
Roll Area
120 sq. yards
Unit Weight
23 oz./sq. yard
Operating Range
up to 1:1 slopes
Recommended Shear Stress on Bare Soil
4.5 lbs./sq. ft.

Coir Mat for Erosion Control

Coconut coir mats are frequently used on hills, slopes, and banks to help stabilize soil and reinforce the area. Made from a high strength, biodegradable materials, these mats are the perfect option for erosion control and stabilization in your location. Coconot coir mats help with erosion control by providing a natural support system for slopes, wetlands, protected areas, shorelines, and more. These allow vegetation to take root and grow.

Coir erosion control mats are available in a wide range of strengths to accomodate low, medium, and steep slopes. Coconut fiber coir mat strengths range from 400 gsm up to 980 gsm.

Coconut fiber mats are an ideal option for locations needing erosion control on slopes or hills. In addition to the Coir Mat 70, we also have several additional model options, including matting for 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 slopes. For more information, check out our Coir Mat for Erosion Control.