Coir Mat for Erosion Control

Coir Mat 40 and 70 for Erosion Control on Slopes

coir mat for erosion control Coir mats for erosion control are made of coconut fibers and other biodegradable components. The coir mat 70 is one of our strongest options and can be used in locations with slopes up to 1:1.

GEI Works offers coconut coir mats that are high in strength and feature 100 percent biodegradable materials to help enrich the surrounding areas.

Coir erosion control mats are safe for wildlife and environmentally sensitive areas. With an open weave design, they leave room for seeding and plants to take root, which provides increased support for vegetation.

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Coir Erosion Control Mats Help to Prevent Further Erosion

erosion control on slopesCoir erosion control mats are available in a wide range of strengths to accommodate low, medium, and steep slopes. Coconut fiber coir mat strengths range from 400 gsm up to 1,000 gsm. Coir mat 40 has a strength of 400 gsm and coir mat 70 has a strength of 700 gsm.

Coconut coir mats are an ideal option for locations needing erosion control on slopes or hills. In addition to the coir mat 70, we also have several other model options, including matting for 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 slopes. For more information, see our Coir Mats for Erosion Control on slopes.

Coir Mat 70 Specifications

Roll Sizes 6.5'W x 165'L
13'W x 83'L
13'W x 165'L
Material Woven Coir Twine
Weight 20.6 oz/yds²
700 g/m²
Open Area 50%
Operating Range Up to 1:1 Slopes
Flow Rate Up to 12 fps

Coir Mat 40 Specifications

Coir mat 40 is manufactured with a standard weight of 400g/m² with a standard coir twine weaved in an open weave design that leaves 65 percent of space for vegetation to take hold and grow. The coconut coir mat 40 is for slopes of less than 1:1.

Roll Sizes 6.5'W x 165'L
13'W x 165'L
Material Machine Spun Bristle Coir Twine
Weight 11.8 oz/yds²
400 g/m²
Open Area 65%
Operating Range < 3:1 Slopes
Flow Rate 8 fps

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Coconut coir mats are frequently used on hills, slopes, and banks to help stabilize soil and reinforce the area. Made from a high strength, biodegradable materials, these mats are the perfect option for erosion control and stabilization in your location.

Coconut coir mats provide a natural support system and help with semi-permanent control for erosion sensitive areas and typically last two to five years before naturally degrading.

  • Slopes
  • Wetlands
  • Protected Areas
  • Shorelines

Coconut Coir Mat Accessories

coconut coir mats biodegradable stakesCoconut Coir Mats Accessories allow vegetation to take root and grow. Coir mats can be kept in place with Biodegradable Stakes. Biodegradable stakes are an environmentally friendly way to secure erosion control matting on a job site.

At the end of a job, these stakes will disintegrate and give back to the plants in an area. With a lifespan of 24 to 36 months, the stakes are made of recycled plastics with added polymers. Stakes come in sizes of four, six, and eight inches.

Other accessories to install coconut coir mats are wooden stakes and sod samples.

Erosion control coir mat 70 and coir mat 40 offer semi-permanent stabilization for hills and slopes prone to erosion. Their biodegradable fibers will naturally break down over time, reducing the amount of labor that would be needed to remove them.

Coconut Coir Mats Benefits

  • Biodegradable
  • Open Weave Design
  • Allows Seeding
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Strong Vegetation Support

From wetland restoration, slope stabilization, to promoting vegetation, the applications for erosion control coir mats are abundant. They provide effective erosion control for extended plant growth and soil enrichment.

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