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Coir Logs Erosion Control

Coir Logs

Question: I am looking at coir logs erosion control materials and I was wondering, do these logs have a lifespan? Also, how are they installed in a location. Do you just set them there?

coir logs erosion controlAnswer: Similar to other coir materials, the Coir Log is a natural product designed to biodegrade over a designated period of time. Coir material life spans will naturally vary depending on conditions in the area. The general lifespan of a coir log can be anywhere from two to five years (2-5 yrs).

Coir Log Construction

Coir logs are typically constructed with both mattress coir and bristle coir twine. Mattress coir holds a lower level of strength and is often used to fill the inside of coir logs or mats for increased stabilization. Bristle coir twine, by contrast, has a high level of strength making it a great option for the outer netting and structure of the erosion control log.

  • Inner Material: Mattress Coir
  • Outer Netting: Bristle Coir Twine
  • Diameters: 12, 16, or 20 inches
  • Lengths: 10 feet (can be joined together through coir twine)


Since the coir logs are strong by nature, it is typically recommended that they be installed using some form of wedge or stake.

coir logsThese wedges will usually be placed along either side of the log to help direct the log along desired paths in your location. Erosion control logs will work best when installed along the contour of your location.

For increased stability, especially on slopes, stakes, or wedges may also be placed directly in the center of the log it help keep it in place.

Plant Life

In addition, vegetation may also be placed within the structure of these coir materials. Plants are often chosen for placement around logs and even on top of the log itself. Vegetation is the easiest way to create a natural erosion control barrier and is often planted to help maintain control after the log has biodegraded.

Since the coir log is made from all-natural materials, the entire log is capable of biodegrading. As this process occurs, coir fibers will enrich the surrounding soil area. Coir is often used as a stabilization method and helps build strength along slopes so that plants may begin to take root.

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