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Erosion Control Coir Logs

Specifications & Product Information

coir logsCoir logs are an all-natural, biodegradable material used to provide erosion control on slopes, banks, shores, and hills. Available for use in areas with moderate slopes and flows, these logs offer three standard diameters of 12, 16 or 20 inches (12", 16", or 20"). Choosing between the logs will often depend on your slope, water flow and/or project specifications.

In addition to erosion projects along streams and shorelines, the logs are also frequently used in restoration projects along stream banks, marshes, wetlands or beaches.

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Coconut Fiber Logs
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Technical Specifications
Product Flyer Coir Coconut Fiber Logs Flyer
12", 16" or 20"
30 cm
7 lbs/cu.ft or
9 lbs/cu.ft
10 ft
(3.05 m)
3 m or 4 m
Material Used
Coir twine and coir fiber
Coir Twine or Polyethylene
Eye Size
25 mm x 50 mm

Learn more about Coir Fiber Logs

When using these coir fiber logs, there are several things to take into consideration to help keep your coir rolls lasting.

  • coir logsRolls are placed along edges of streams for bank stability.
  • Higher density rolls are longer lasting and provide extra strength. Densely packed coir logs can last over 5 years.
  • Planting vegetation on and around these logs can help provide further stabilization.
  • Coir is a natural material and is environmentally friendly.
  • When rolls are in 10 ft. sections, they can be easily connected together by coir twine to form longer rolls.

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Other Coir Product Options

coir wattleCoconut Fiber Wattles: Similar is size and style to the coir log, these coir wattles provide a heighten barrier around your location. Packed much less densely than the coir erosion logs, these wattles are often used for filtration and stabilization around a drain, inlet, or construction site.

coir matErosion Control Mats: Erosion control mats are made of woven coir twines that are placed along banks for restoration and revegetation. Mats are typically constructed with an open weave design that allows for stabilization, as well as planting of vegetation before and after installation. Read about how River Bank Erosion was Solved with Coir Mats.

coir blocksCoconut Fiber Blocks: Coir blocks offer height and structured stability to your location by providing you with a solid rectangular structure to help stabilize your shores. They are often manufactures in a systematic line for complete stabilization and support.

coir silt checkCoir Silt Check: The coir silt check is designed to reduce upstream and downstream erosion. They are often placed across streams to help reduce the flow of water and trap sediment. This helps prevent erosion..