Coir Erosion Control Blanket

Strong Erosion Blankets

coir erosion control blanketQuestion: I am in need of a coir erosion control blanket for a tough area. The erosion blanket would be used for areas with a water flow and some tides. We are trying to control erosion up along a shore and would really like a natural material. What is the strongest type of coir blanket you offer?

Answer: In terms of coir erosion blankets, the strongest options would be the Coir Mat 70 or the Coir Mat 90. These coir blankets are designed with a smaller weave opening that helps to increase their strength and ability to hold up tougher areas.

Whether or not these erosion control mats will work for your location will depend greatly on exactly how much flow and tides you are dealing with in your location. The typical maximum flow conditions recommended for the coir mats listed above are as follows:

  • Coir Mat 70: 12 feet per second
  • Coir Mat 90: 16 feet per second

Coir Blanket Considerations

coir erosion control blanketOne thing you will want to consider about a coir mat when determining if it can work for your location is its biodegradable nature. All coir materials are designed to be biodegradable and will eventually mix into the soil. If you are not going to be planting vegetation in the area, your erosion problem may only be temporarily solved with these materials.

The standard lifespan for the thicker coir mats is a duration of approximately four to six years (4-6 yrs).

Due to the open weave design of these mats, a coir erosion control blanket is often chosen in conjunction with a vegetation erosion control plan. Installing vegetation in the area is one of the most natural ways to control erosion and offers a long term solution to your erosion control problems.

Do you have more questions about coir? See our Coir Products FAQ for answers.

Additional Shoreline Erosion Control Options

breakwater tubeDepending on what kind of shoreline you are dealing with, you might also take a look at the breakwater geotextile tube. These tubes are designed with a filtering geotextile material that allows water (such as tides) to flow in and out of the tube, while still retaining sand and sediment inside the tube.

This type of system is often used for erosion control along beach shorelines or areas that are prone to constant erosion or storms.

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