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Coir Silt Check for Erosion Control

Perfect for use in Streams, Channels, Ditches, and Runoff

coir silt check

The Coir Silt Check is a biodegradable product designed for use as a check dam in streams, channels, drainage ditches, and other site runoff areas. Constructed from 100% coir fiber, these wattles are an all natural way to filter stormwater and control sediment in your
water streams.

Silt checks are designed as a combination of both a coir mat and a coir wattle. Along the center of the device is a wattle that works to reduce water flow in your stream. Along either side of the wattle is a filter apron that helps retain sediment and prevent erosion. Combined, these products are able to filter water, reduce flows, and control bed erosion around job sites, ditches, and other drainage areas.

Typical Specifications

BioD-SiltCheck™ 9
BioD-SiltCheck™ 12
15 ft.
(4.6 m)
15 ft.
(4.6 m)
Unit Weight
2.5 lbs./ft.
(3.7 kg/m)
3.0 lbs./ft.
(5.0 kg/m)
Min. Functional Height
9 in. (23 cm)
12 in. (30 cm)
Upstream filter apron
8 in. (20 cm)
10 in. (25 cm)
Downstream filter apron
17 in. (43 cm)
24 in. (60 cm)
Single twine strength
60 lbs. (267 N)
60 lbs. (267 N)
Strength of outer net
780 lbs./ft.
(11.4 kN/m)
520 lbs./ft.
(7.6 kN/m)
780 lbs./ft.
(11.4 kN/m)
520 lbs./ft. (7.6 kN/m)
Intersecting points in
the netting
Fillings in the aprons
Mattress coir liner
Mattress coir liner
Fillings in the body
Mattress coir fiber
Mattress coir fiber
Fiber used in the netting
Bristle coir
Bristle coir
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How the Silt Check Works

coir silt check for large body of waterThe Coir Silt Check is essentially a combination of a coir mat and a coir wattle. Rather than featuring just a wattle, the silt check enhances control by adding a bottom matting to the stream back or water area. Advantages include:

Side Aprons Prevent Upstream and Downstream Erosion: The coir silt check is manufactured with one upstream and one downstream apron. Upstream aprons help to prevent undercutting, while downstream aprons work to retain silt and prevent erosion.

Natural Coir Netting: Natural coir netting makes the entire wattle a completely biodegradable product. This keeps the materials environmentally friendly and prevents harm to wildlife or other environmental areas.

Easy to Install and Maintain: As with any of our coir products, the silt check is designed for one time installation. Over time, wattles will biodegrade. With no removal necessary, this makes the wattle quick to install and easy to maintain over a period of time.

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Other Coir Product Options

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