FAQ - Coir Logs for a Small Duck Pond Restoration Project

Coir Logs for Duck Pond

coir logsQuestion: I'm looking for coir logs to help with a small duck pond restoration project in my backyard. I have 60-80 linear feet to cover and am looking for a price. It would replace part of a boulder wall and be a softer surface for the ducks to stand on (so they don't injure their feet).

Answer: Thanks for contacting GEI Works! What an interesting and thoughtful project. We would love to assist you and help to find the best coir product solution for you...and the ducks!

Our GEI Works' coconut coir logs densely-packed with 100% natural coir fiber, designed for srrength and flexibility. The inner coir mattress creates a web for superior filtration, surrounded by an exterior coir net made of coir-spun fibers. Coir logs aid in the stabilization and re-vegetation of sites where you encounter steep slopes or exposure to waves or currents which cause instability on a site. However, they could be used to prevent erosion in a small duck pond restoration project.

Coir logs are offered by GEI Works in 10-foot lengths, with diameters of 12 in., 16 in, and 20 in. For a small duck pond restoration project, the 12-inch diameter may be best. If you need 60-80 feet for the pond restoration project, 8 coir logs should be ordered. GEI Works has designed coir logs to be easily connected using coir twine.

For pricing of these materials, please feel free to contact us through one of the following methods:

Additional Coir Solutions for Pond Restoration

Another possible product that could be used is our Coir Mat, also known as a coir blanket. These feature a durable, yet soft coir fabric that can be used to line slopes, banks, or the surfaces of your pond restoration project. Similar to the coir log, the coir mat is 100% natural, biodegradable, and can provide a softer surface for your ducks!

If you have any additional questions, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at 1-772-646-0597.