Coir Drain Cover for Storm Water Filtration

Natural Coir Storm Drain Inlet Filters

Coir Drain CoverOne of GEI Works' many coconut coir products, the coir drain cover is an excellent solution for sediment control during the construction phase of work sites and project areas. Rated for NPDES II compliance, the coconut coir filters come in pre-cut sizes that can be field-sized using only shears or a utility knife.

With a filtering efficiency of 59.1% and a flow rate of 150 liters/minute, the coir drain filter allows water to drain while stopping sediment outside the grate. It installs quickly without requiring grate removal and can withstand heavy vehicle traffic. The natural coir drain cover can fit a variety of storm drain inlets:

  • Flat Inlet
  • Roll Curb Inlet
  • Beehive Inlet
  • Curb Inlet

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Coir Drain Cover Specifications

Dimensions Piece Per Carton Piece Per Pallet
1.5 in. x 27 in. x 30 in. 10 pads 120 pads
1.5 in. x 27 in. x 21 ft. 1 roll 12 rolls
1.5 in. x 27 in. x 75 ft. N/A 3 rolls

*Other pad and roll sizes available upon request.

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Storm Drain Filter Installation

coir drain cover filterCoir drain cover installation is quick and easy. The filter is attached to the outside of the storm drain, so no lifting is required. It ties securely to the grate to remain in place. Follow these simple steps to stay in compliance.

  1. Clean the Area – All the debris and sediment around the drain needs to be cleared out, so you can start with a tidy space.

  2. Put in Place – Make sure your coconut coir pad or roll covers the right area. The coir drain cover should extend at least one inch beyond the front and both curb ends.

  3. Insert the Zip Ties – Once the piece is verified and in place, connect it to the drain without lifting the grate cover. Push the zip ties through the coir drain filter to loop around the grate bars and back through the inlet filter. The space between the in-and-out points should be about 2 inches.

  4. Tighten Zip Ties – Once all the zip ties have been inserted, looped around, and loosely attached, double-check the positioning of the pad. When you're sure of the placing, tighten the zip ties and cut off the ends, leaving a 1 inch tail. The coir drain filter is ready!

Curb Inlet Filter Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your coir drain guard filtering properly and should take place after each rainstorm. Fortunately, it's a simple two-step process.

  1. First, sweep away sediment from the sides of the storm drain filter.
  2. Coir Drain Cover Maintenance

  3. Next, sweep away sediment from the top of the natural coir filter.
  4. Coir Drain Filter Maintenance

Now, it's ready to do its job again.

GEI Works carries a variety of other natural fiber and coconut coir products, including the coir mat. Come see how it works!

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