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Coconut Coir Logs Installation

Coir Log Installation

Question: One of the most frequently asked questions regarding our erosion control products is how to install coir logs. Detailed questions have included the following: do the logs need to be staked? Should the voids between the log and ground be removed?

How to Install a Coconut Fiber Log

coir logs for bank stabilizationTo help with your installation process, general information regarding the logs can be found below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions or site specific requirements for your site.

Step 1 (Preparing your Site): The first step for most erosion control products includes preparing your site for installation. This process includes removing any debris or large obstructions from the area. This may include soil, stumps, rocks, or small trees.

Step 2 (Digging a Trench): For most locations, coir logs should be trenched into the ground. Prior to placing the logs, dig a trench in the area where the products will need to be placed.

Step 3 (Positioning the Logs): Once your trench has been dug, coconut fiber logs should be placed back into the trench. The area should then be backfilled with soil so that logs are tightly packed against one another. For logs that will be placed next to each other, logs should be placed so that one end fits tightly against the next end. Touching ends should be joined/secured together with twine or other suitable ties.

Step 4 (Staking): All coir logs should be staked and anchored on your site. Most logs are anchored according to site specifications and are anchored using a wooden wedge. However, if no specifications are available, the guide below can be used as a general anchoring recommendation.

  • 20 inch Diameter Logs: Anchoring every 2 feet
  • 16 inch Diameter Logs: Anchoring every 2.5 feet
  • 12 inch Diameter Logs in a Moderate Flow: Anchoring every 3 feet
  • 12 inch Diameter Logs in a Low Flow: Anchoring every 3.5 feet

Download the Coconut Coir Logs Installation Guide

Coir Log Design Information

coir logsOne important consideration during coconut coir logs installation is in terms of its length and diameter. Standard coir logs are constructed in a diameter of either 12", 16" or 20". All coir logs feature a length of 10'. This means that for most locations, logs will need to be connected together in order for them to reach their full length. Logs should be connected together via coir twine.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact our GEI Works product specialists at +1-772-646-0597.