Chemical Mixers

Mixers for Chemical Plastic Tanks

Chemical MixersTank chemical mixers are designed to help provide you with an easier and more efficient way to combine and mix various different chemicals. The shafts and propellers on these mixers are constructed uses 316 stainless steel. To adapt to the specific requirements of the chemicals you will be mixing, the mixers will adjust at either the clamp or shaft to the exact processing angle you require.

These tank mixers are specifically designed for materials that fall into the 1 through 2000 CPS viscosity range. For small batch making or direct drive mixing, the CTBN model would work best. If you require a more powerful mixing agent, the CTJG series has a flow coefficient and the power consumption that matches some of the top designs in this category. Standard mixers in the JG series contain motors that are 350 RPM gear-driven and completely enclosed. Motors designed for explosive or flammable conditions are also available.

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Features:chemical mixer

  • CTBN 10 and 20 Models:
    • Shafts and Propellers made of 316 Stainless Steel
    • Adjustable Clamp
    • Coupling Fully Enclosed
  • CTJG 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Models:
    • 350 RPM gear-driven
    • 1.0 Pitch Ratio Marine Propellers
    • Adjustable Shaft Angles
    • Motor Enclosed with Fan


  • CTBN 10 and 20 Models:
    • Clamp can Reach any Angle Desired
    • Quality Mixers for Long-Lasting Use
  • CTJG 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 Models:
    • Fan with Motor to Prevent Overheating
    • Flow Coefficient and Power Consumption Characteristics Best
    • Flexible and Easy-to-Use
Tank Mixers
CPS Viscosity Tanks up to 50 Gallons Tanks up to 100 Gallons Tanks up to 200 Gallons Tanks up to 500 Gallons Tanks up to 1000 Gallons
Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number Part Number
< 100 CTBN10 CTBN10 CTBN20 CTJG10 CTJG10
< 300 CTBN10 CTBN20 CTJG10 CTJG10 CTJG20
< 500 CTBN20 CTJG10 CTJG10 CTJG10 CTJG30
< 1000 CTBN20 CTJG10 CTJG20 CTJG20 CTJG40
< 2000 CTJG10 CTJG10 CTJG30 CTJG30 CTJG51

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