Causes of Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion Causes and their Effects

soil erosion Question regarding causes of soil erosion: Good Morning! I wondered if you could tell me the main soil erosion causes and the effects. Are geotextiles the only product that can help with this type of erosion?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry! That is an excellent question! Soil Erosion Causes include a variety of different factors including water, wind, rain and other storm events. The most common causes of soil erosion, however, fall into two categories:

  1. Water
  2. Wind

From these wind and water applications, there are several different erosion events that happen as a result of moving soil. These include:

  • Mass Wasting (Gravity causes a down slope movement of soil)
  • Surface Creep (Gravity will slowly move the surface soil)
  • Slumping (On distinct fracture zones, materials are released, causing movement down the hill. This creates isostatic depressions)

Although soil erosion is a natural occurrence on all land, there are certain factors that call accelerate the erosion making it more noticeable and problematic. View all Causes of Soil Erosion.

Erosion Control Products

Anytime you are dealing with erosion, there are several different approaches you can take to help with the probwoven geotextileslem. Learn more about soil erosion control options. Options can include using various types of geotextiles, although these are not the only way to solve this kind of weathering and erosion. Products we offer to help limit the effects of soil erosion includes:

  • Woven Geotextiles: The woven material is a high-strength fabric that is commonly used in stabilization, separation, reinforcement and other erosion control requirements.
  • Non Woven Geotextiles: Non-woven materials, by contrast, are a favorite for draining applications such as sub-surface drainage and filtration and asphalt overlays.
  • coirCoir: If you are specifically looking for erosion control, natural fiber products, such as coir, can be a good choice. These natural fibers include several different products, including coir mats, which can be laid down or aligned on your slope to help stabilize the location and prevent further erosion.

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