Oil Absorbent Boom for 22,000 L of Oil

Absorbent Boom Containment Capacity

Question: I would like to know if an Oil Absorbent Boom can absorb 22,000L of oil ? In case of a spillage from a tanker carrying 22,000L, can an Absorbent Boom act as a form of defense?

oil absorbent boomAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! The Oil Absorbent Boom is designed to absorb up to 25 times its weight. For example, if you need to absorb a high viscosity crude oil, one boom would be able to absorb around 34 gallons (124 L). Booms are typically sent in bales with four booms per bale, so that would give you around 136 gallons (514 L).

For a spill of a full 22,000 liters, you would require quite a few oil booms to be able to absorb all of the oil. However, if you had a spill in the ocean, you would also need to think about containment to stop the spill from spreading quickly and forming a larger cleanup area.

The good thing about these absorbent booms is that they connect together to form any length you require. One boom is approximately 10 feet in length, so it would again require multiple booms to be able to surround a tanker or the existing spill area.

For a fast response to a spill, you could also consider Oil Booms. These booms would be able to contain your spill while you work on a cleanup plan. For large amounts of oil, such as the size you mentioned, products like oil skimmers or other absorbent materials may be able to work better for this size.

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