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Qualification on HDPE Geosynthetic

More Information Regarding HDPE Geotextiles

Question: I would like a qualification on hdpe geosynthetic material. I would like to have more knowledge in landfill site work, using geomembrane and geotextile materials.

Answer: Thank you for contacting Granite Environmental. Our tech team is happy to provide you further geomembrane liners information about a geotextile used in landfill applications and qualification on hdpe geosynthetic.

To find the right and best geotextile product depends on your project goal. For example, does your project require to contain waste, should the geotextile allow drainage or to build a vertical mound?

HDPE Liner Materials

The HDPE secondary containment liner is a flexible and lightweight material that has been used for several different applications. These fabrics are typically hydrocarbon stable and have been used successfully in the containment of several different liquids. Thicknesses for this fabric can vary so please let us know if you have specific requirements for your location.

If you have any additional questions on a qualification for hdpe geosynthetic, please contact our sales team at +1-772-646-0597.

Additional Geotextiles Materials

Both geotextile materials, woven geotextiles and non woven geotextiles, are made for use in landfill applications. Without knowing the specific project requirements and project application, a fabric choice or recommendation can't be given. Please review the geotextile fabric chart that is based on the project application and make an educated decision.

Another information we have available is our geotextile functions information page to search your needs by function. In addition to HDPE, additional liner options have included the following:

  • XR-5
  • Polymer Alloy Fabrics
  • Polypropylene Fabrics

When requesting any type of geotextile fabric, please let know what type of liquid/solid you are trying to contain as well as the size of your location. This helps to spec you for the right size, accommodations, and storage materials needed for your location.